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Find Thousands of Undergraduate scholarships here to fund your Study Abroad in any country or continent of your choice. The Bachelor’s scholarships, grants, and awards found on this page are financial aid for Undergraduate Students.
Fully-funded and partial opportunities are available for accredited degrees from colleges, universities, corporate and non-profit organizations, and open for Home Students or citizens, international students, and developing countries.
Top study destinations are Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and New Zealand. Students must prepare college applications carefully and apply for financial aid in advance.
Bachelor’s Scholarships 2020- 2021 for international students interested to get an Undergraduate degree through funding and scholarships.

University of Alberta
If you wish to receive fully-funded scholarships as well as other financial aid opportunities, one of the best places to get it is at the University of Alberta. International and domestic students will be eligible for admission-based and application-based scholarship opportunities after they successfully obtain admission to study at the...
University of Saskatchewan Scholarships
Students who wish to study at the University of Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to apply for various scholarships to cover their tuition fees as well as other academic expenses. The university wants to recognize and attract international students who have demonstrated great academic achievements as well as personal accomplishments...
Turkish Government Scholarship Award
Scholarship Description: International students from around the world are invited to apply for the turkey international student scholarships. The scholarship is provided by the Turkish government to provide support to international students who wish to study in any of the universities in Turkey. The award is open to international students who...
Swedish Government Scholarship Award for International Students
Scholarship Description: Are you looking for a scholarship to study in Sweden? You should apply for the Sweden Government Scholarship open to all international students. The scholarship is offered to Bachelors and Masters Students who have shown interest to study in Sweden and have received an offer of admission from...
New Zealand Government Scholarship Award
Scholarship Description: The government of New Zealand is currently offering scholarship awards to international students around the world. International students who are applying for bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. programs at a credible university in New Zealand are more than welcomed to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship aims to bring international...
Indonesian Government Scholarship
Scholarship Description: The government of Indonesia is welcoming international students from around the world who wish to study here. International students, who successfully secure admission at any of the universities in Indonesia, will be eligible for the Indonesian government scholarship. The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students who are...
Finland Government Scholarships Award
Scholarship Description: Finland is one of the best countries in the world for studies, and each year, international students from around the world study in Finland. The government is also very supportive, and they have provided thousands of scholarship opportunities and grants for international students over the years. This year, the...
Azerbaijan Government Scholarship| Fully Funded
Scholarship Description: Do you wish to study in Azerbaijan? You may be eligible to study at some of the most prestigious schools in Azerbaijan just by showing interest. International students are always welcomed to study and may even be awarded a scholarship opportunity to help them afford the cost of...
MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship
Scholarship Description: The Japanese government is offering thousands of scholarships to international students from around the world who wish to study in Japan. The Japanese scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program available to Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral students. Applicants are to first secure an admission offer from a university in...
McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill University Canada
Scholarship Description: The University of McGill in Canada is offering financial aids in the form of scholarship awards to international students who are applying to study in the school this year. The university is providing the McCall MacBain scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students who accept an offer of admission...
Scholarship in New Zealand

University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

Brief Description: Scholarship is available for international students who are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Students...