Indonesian Government Scholarship
Scholarship Description: The government of Indonesia is welcoming international students from around the world who wish to study here. International students, who successfully secure admission at any of the universities in Indonesia, will be eligible for the Indonesian government scholarship. The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students who are...
ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries in Asia
Brief Description: International students from developing countries who are pursuing a postgraduate program in economics, management, science and technology, and other courses relating to development. The students must also be applying to selected or participating institutions in the Asian and Pacific Regions. The applicants must be willing to contribute...
Scholarships in Australia
Brief Description: International students wishing to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in Australia, now has a chance to do that for free. The University of Western Australia is awarding Global Excellence Scholarships to international students from selected countries around the world. Host Institution and Country: University of Western...
Scholarship in Australia
Brief Description: New scholarship opportunity for international students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR, India, Vietnam, and Singapore. The University of Melbourne in Australia is offering scholarship awards, and grants to international students from the countries mentioned above to study in Australia. This is to support talented students from...
Scholarship in Asia
Brief Description: The KNB Scholarship hosted by the Indonesian Government is created to help talented and brilliant students who are from developing countries and are applying for a Master’s program in Indonesia. Host Institution and Country: All University, Indonesia. Level/Field of Study: Masters degree in humanities, engineering, social sciences, sciences, education. Scholarship Value: This funding...
FINCAD Women Financial Scholarship
Women should be given the same opportunities as men, a platform to showcase skills and talents at the highest level, and that is what FINCAD is doing. Providing scholarship programs for women in the financial department, mainly; financial courses such as Capital market, financial risk management and...
Women In Business Scholarship
The Jane M. Klausman Women In Business Scholarship awards the sum of $8,000 dollars to women who are in the business field regardless of which level in studies you are. The scholarship is meant to encourage women who have chosen a career in the business field, give...
Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program
The Google Women Techmakers Scholars Program is for International women in the field of computer science and computer engineering around the globe. Last year, the program offered 20 scholarships to eligible women around the globe who showed great academic performance in the I.T. field....
The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Program
This fellowship program is an opportunity for women who are from developing nations to study Ph.D. or doctoral, and post-doctoral programs in Canada and the United States. Last year the fellowship awarded over 200 scholarship awards to women from countries in Africa and other developing countries.
Scholarships in Israel

TAU International COVID-19 Support Scholarship in Israel 

Brief Description: Do you want to study in Israel? The University of Tel Aviv in Israel is providing opportunities for talented students to study...