How to Get A Scholarship in Europe For All Students

Scholarship in Europe

Scholarship in Europe is quite different when it comes to funding. There are government as well as non-governmental funded scholarships, grants, fellowships, and much more available for international and EU students.

To get a scholarship in Europe and probably in any other country outside Europe takes a bit of hard work, commitment, preparation and some require good academic performance and results. Preparation is also key, not just when you are applying for a scholarship, but also in your student visa application.

Yes, the scholarship is there for the taken for every student who wants them. The problem is, you are not the only student applying for them. And this is when the question of how prepared are you comes to play.

For instance, say you need the scholarship to study in the UK, you need to find out the best scholarship for you. Find out if you meet the requirements and if not work towards that. Some requirements may not be attainable by you, what you can do is just look for the next scholarship to apply for. But knowing the requirements on time and preparing your documents for the scholarship puts you at an advantage.

Scholarship in Europe

How to Get Your Scholarship In Europe

Some people will say the fastest way to get a scholarship is to meet the requirements but is it really enough?

Know Your Scholarships

This comes down in two ways. First is knowing the different types of scholarships available where you want to study. The second is knowing the number of scholarships available for application.

What are the different types of scholarships?

  1. Community Service Scholarships for those students who can give back to the community
  2. Government scholarships usually for students who cannot afford their education, those from a poor background.
  3. Creative or Talent Scholarship for students who have talents in one field or the other or the artistically inclined students e,g, music, acting, modeling, dancing, etc.
  4. Scholarship for Women
  5. Athletic Scholarships for students who demonstrate both a high level of ability in their sport of choice, as well as a solid academic background.
  6. Average Academic Performance Scholarships for students who are not able to land themselves the high profile scholarship. An opportunity for students with an average academic performance but also with good community service, leadership qualities, and the strength of their test scores and contest essays.
  7. Academic Scholarships also called merit scholarships. it is for those students with top academic records and a history of academic achievements.

Find your type of scholarship and start applying

Knowing what type of scholarship, you are eligible for and applying improves your chances, it also helps you put in more time on scholarships that have better chances of coming out successful. You can start searching for a scholarship here.

Put together all requirements

You need to be prepared. Gather the required documents, and other requirements you need to apply should be met before the deadline. If you want to apply for more than one which is advisable, they probably don’t have the same requirements. What you should do is compile them and make sure you meet them before the deadline. Some examples of the requirements that are usually asked for are:

  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Transcripts
  • Reference Letters
  • Cover Letter
  • Letters of recommendation

Contact the scholarship funder

This is the part where you start submitting applications for the scholarships directly to the scholarship’s funders website or email.

Some scholarships are university scholarships, i.e. they are usually available in the school you want to apply to. So its best you contact the school directly to find out more about available scholarships for you.


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