Top 20 Universities In The UK With High Employability Rate


Choosing a school or University that gives you leverage over other students from different schools when it comes to employment, should be one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the university, you want to attend.

Many students may have different reasons for going to school, but I bet that 80% of students who are in university hope to get a good job immediately after graduation.


Universities in the UK are among the very best in the world, and the latest rankings and ratings have shown that 6 to 7 of the Universities in the UK occupy the top 20 list in the world’s best schools. International graduates and students who attend schools in the UK can compete in the world’s labor market successfully.

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It is no doubt that some of the universities have high employability rate compared to others and it could be for a good number of reasons for instance;

Top 20 Universities In The UK With High Employability Rate
Top 20 Universities In The UK With High Employability Rate

Ranking Factor For High Employment Rate

  • University Alumni: Some schools have quite a god number of Alumni and clubs were graduates and old boys meet to see how well they can help the school that has trained them. They provide scholarships for students, jobs for fresh graduates and others.
  • University Reputation and Academic Achievements: another reason is that employers believe that the top schools or universities produce top graduates, so the obvious thing to do is employ students who graduated from these schools.
  • University and Employer’s specifics: some schools specialize in a particular career or academic fields, for instance, the University of Cambridge is known for its excellence in arts and humanities, sciences, and technology. While universities like Imperial College London focused on entrepreneurs and business.
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Universities With The Most Employment Rate

1 4 4 University of Cambridge Cambridge
2 11 11 University of Oxford Oxford
3 26 17 Imperial College London London
4 31 29 University of Manchester Manchester
5 52 35 London School of Economics and Political Science London London
6 72 83 University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
7 92 71 King’s College London London
8 105 76 UCL        London London
9 107 122 London Business School London
10 150 150 University of Birmingham



11 162 80 University of Bristol Bristol
12 165 200 Cardiff University Cardiff
13 168 159 University of Bath Bath
14 170 165 Durham University Durham
15 230 170 Bournemouth University Bournemouth
16 233 190 University of St Andrews St Andrews
17 240 142 Newcastle University Newcastle
18 260 170 University of Leads Leads
19 261 200 University of Bristol Bristol
20 280 166 University of Nottingham Nottingham


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