Radboud Scholarship Program


The Radboud Scholarship Program is an extremely competitive scholarship program. It provides a scholarship for a full English-taught Radboud University Master’s degree programme to brilliant, highly motivated non-EEA students with exceptional academic performance.

Each year, a number of partial scholarships are offered as part of the Radboud Scholarship Programme for the duration of one of the English taught Master’s degree courses (excluding Erasmus Mundus Master’s programmes and joint-degree Master’s programmes).


The Radboud Scholarship Programme provides a limited number of excellent potential non-EEA students with the option to acquire a scholarship to study an English-taught Master’s degree at Radboud University.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution(s): Radboud University
  • Study in: Netherlands
  • Program Period: Up to two years.
  • Deadline: February 28, 2022

If you are chosen as a scholarship recipient and are enrolled to a two-year Master’s degree, you must have completed all courses in the first year to be eligible for the award again in the second year.

The Fulbright-Radboud Scholarship, Orange Tulip Scholarship, and Holland Scholarship cannot be coupled with the Radboud Scholarship. You may apply for several scholarships, but only one will be awarded.


There are a total of 26 Radboud Scholarships available: one for the Faculty of Arts, nine for the Faculty of Law, one for the Faculty of Medical Sciences, two for the Nijmegen School of Management, one for the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, one for the Faculty of Science, and one for the Faculty of Social Sciences (2).

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Courses Offered

  • Faculty of Arts
    – Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies
    – Linguistics and Communication Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
    – International and European Law
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences
    – Biomedical Sciences
    – Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies
    – Philosophy
  • Faculty of Science
    – Biology
    – Chemistry
    – Computing Science
    – Mathematics
    – Medical Biology
    – Molecular Life Sciences
    – Physics & Astronomy
    – Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
    – Artificial Intelligence
    – Behavioral Science
    – Cognitive Neuroscience
    – Social and Cultural Science

Who is qualified to get this scholarship?

  • You may only be qualified to submit an application for a Radboud Scholarship if you are:
  • not qualify for the reduced EEA tuition cost for other reasons
  • Have (will earn) a Bachelor’s degree obtained outside the Netherlands, have no degrees obtained in the Netherlands, and have received no previous education in the Netherlands (exchange programmes excluded, provided that they are part of the bachelor degree achieved outside the Netherlands).
  • Meet the English language competency criteria for the Master’s program of your choosing.
  • As mentioned in the formal letter of admission, you have been completely admitted to the English-taught Master’s degree program beginning in September.
  • Are able to meet the requirements for getting a visa to the Netherlands
  • Are enrolled as a full-time student at Radboud University for the academic year and Master’s degree program for which the grant will be awarded.
  • The International Office will notify you of the final decision on your Radboud Scholarship application by mid-April 2022. (date subject to change).
  • Outstanding research outcomes in your current field of study, as evidenced by grades, test scores, and publications.
  • Your previous degree’s relevance to the master’s program.
  • The ranking of the university where you previously received your degree (s).
  • The quality and relevancy of your Master’s program motivation letter.
  • Demonstrate potential by past accomplishments, performances, and work in the appropriate field of study.
  • Experiential learning and/or extracurricular activities such as internships or volunteering
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Value/inclusions/duration of the scholarship:

Your tuition cost will be reduced to € 2,209 if you receive a partial scholarship. For example, a grant holder will pay a tuition charge of €2,209 rather than €16,000.

The scholarships also include visa, residence permit, health insurance, and liability insurance for your stay in the Netherlands.


If you are chosen as a scholarship recipient and are enrolled to a two-year Master’s degree, you must have completed all courses in the first year to be eligible for the award again in the second year.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the steps below:

You can apply by mentioning that you want to apply for a Radboud Scholarship during your application for admission to a Master’s course via the OSIRIS Application system. If you have not previously done so for the Master’s programme application, you will be asked to provide three extra documents: two reference letters and a curriculum vitae.

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The scholarship selection procedure and admission to the Master’s course are two different processes: entrance to the Master’s programme does not entail scholarship selection. It is not feasible to apply for the full scholarship individually, but when you apply for RSP in Osiris, you apply for both the full and partial scholarship.

This implies that if you are chosen for the Radboud Scholarship Programme, you will be informed whether you have been awarded a full or partial scholarship.

Before February 28, you must have completed your application through the online OSIRIS Application system. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will not be accepted for the Radboud Scholarship.

A missing or unreadable application signifies that certain information and/or papers are missing. As a result, please be aware and submit your application by early February at the latest so that the Admissions Office has enough time to assess it and notify you if it is incomplete.

We also encourage that you submit your evidence of English competence before the deadline of March 1st. You can submit an application here



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