7 Fully-Funded Scholarship in Scotland for Students


Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it’s full of history and culture. There are so many opportunities for students who want to study or work here, but it can be difficult to find funding for your education.

If you’re studying at university level, then there are plenty of scholarships available to help pay your tuition fees or living costs while studying abroad (or even just taking an extra year out).


7 Fully-Funded Scholarship in Scotland for Students

1. Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships

Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships are awarded to outstanding individuals from countries outside the UK who wish to undertake a postgraduate course in the UK. The scholarships are worth £19,000 and cover tuition fees, a living allowance and an additional stipend for research or professional development.

Applications are open from 1st December until 31st March with interviews taking place between June and July 2020.

2. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is a scholarship programme for the citizens of the Commonwealth countries. This scholarship is funded by the UK government and offers scholarships to students from developing Commonwealth countries.


The CSFP can also be used as part of your Tier 1 General visa application, which means you can apply for this scheme after you have already been granted leave to remain in the UK under Tier 2 General or Tier 4 Youth mobility Scheme.

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3. The IASP Full Masters Scholarship Programme

The International Association for the Support of Political Prisoners (IASP) is a non-profit organization that works to improve the welfare of political prisoners around the world.

They have been funding PhD students since 2011 with their fully-funded scholarship programme, which has now been expanded to cover Master’s students as well.


The IASP Full Masters Scholarship Programme is available to students from developing countries who are interested in postgraduate research into political prisoner issues and related topics such as human rights law or international humanitarian law.

Candidates must also demonstrate strong academic ability and potential for excellence in their field of study, with an emphasis on breadth over depth when considering possible applicants with no prior knowledge about the subject matter at hand (i..e., how best to support political prisoners).

4. The Saltire Scholarships

The Saltire Scholarships are open to students studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level in Scotland. You must have completed at least three years of continuous study at an academic institution in Scotland and be enrolled on a full-time course for the duration of your scholarship programme.


The application process for this scholarship begins on 1st October each year, with applications closing on 30th April the following year. There are no set criteria for what you need to do if you wish to apply, so feel free to do whatever makes sense for your situation or interests – just make sure that it’s something related specifically (or mostly) towards studying abroad!

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5. The University of Stirling Academic Excellence Scholarship

The University of Stirling Academic Excellence Scholarship is available for students from developing countries. It is awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who can apply for both Scottish and overseas courses.

The scholarship is awarded based on academic merit, so you will be required to submit your application essay as well as a reference letter from your university professor or department head. You should also submit an employment letter if you are already employed in the UK or elsewhere outside Scotland, along with evidence of your CV score (C) at A level/ Highers/ GCSEs etc..

6. University of Edinburgh Pathway International Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh Pathway International Scholarships are available for international students who want to study at the University of Edinburgh and study a Masters course.

These scholarships are worth up to £10,000 per year, one in each academic year (October – September). They can be taken by any student from anywhere in the world who has an offer from UEA or UCLH but does not yet have UK residency status.

This is a fully funded scholarship which means that you will receive no fees or maintenance costs during your time at university and once you graduate with your Masters degree then you’re eligible for additional support such as travel funding or accommodation costs if necessary.

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7. Scottish Student Bursary Fund

The Scottish Student Bursary Fund is a scheme that provides financial support to students from low income households. It is open to students who are eligible for the new bursary scheme and have applied for a full-time place on a higher education course.

The Scottish government has announced that it will provide £2 million in funding for this year’s intake of fee-paying students from lower income households. This means that each institution has been allocated £200k in order to help them meet their minimum spend requirements.

In order to qualify, applicants must be registered with their local authority as living in Scotland; they must also have access to free school meals during term time or childcare services outside school hours during term time; they must also live at least three miles away from university/college campus (or if not within this radius then at least one mile away).


The best way to find out about all of these scholarships is to search for them on the internet. There are many websites that offer information about the eligibility criteria, the application process and other important details.



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