Top 7 University scholarships in the Netherlands for International Students


If you’re an international student, you may want to consider studying in the Netherlands. Not only does it offer some of the best education in Europe, but it’s also a relatively inexpensive place to study.

You might be surprised at how affordable university tuition fees and living expenses can be for international students from outside Europe.


The Dutch government has made several initiatives aimed at attracting more international students who are seeking academic excellence as well as cultural enrichment.

Top 7 University scholarships in the Netherlands for International Students

This article will explain why these initiatives work so well and how they can help your chances of getting scholarship money in the Netherlands!

1. University of Twente Scholarships

University Twente Scholarships (UTS) are awards given to outstanding students from both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA countries who are pursuing a graduate degree (MSc) at the University of Twente. For one year, the scholarship value ranges from € 6,000 to € 25,000.


The UT Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements, merit or previous experience. They generally cover tuition fees for three years at UT with partial scholarships available for up to five years if you choose to continue your studies at another university afterwards. There are several categories of scholarships available including:

  • Bachelor’s degree program scholarships – these cover full tuition fees but do not include living expenses such as textbooks or travel costs associated with attending classes overseas
  • Master’s degree program scholarships – similar to bachelor’s degree program scholarships but they require more effort from students in order maintain their eligibility status while studying abroad

To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

2. TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

TU Delft is one of the largest Dutch universities, with more than 50,000 students. It offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at a Dutch university and can prove that they have an excellent academic record.


The TU Scholarship programme provides financial support for up to 12 months after graduation so you can focus on finding employment in your field or continuing on with postgraduate studies. To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

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3. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

The University of Amsterdam wants to populate its international classrooms with the most talented students from all around the world. The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship is available to qualified students from countries outside the European Economic Area. The scholarship might be valued up to €25,000 depending on the faculty.

The selection process is based on an application form which must be submitted online via the University’s website by 5pm on 15th January to 1st of march of every year. Your nationality must also be specified on this form in order for us to process your application properly! To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form


4. VU Fellowship Programme

The VU Fellowship Programme is a scholarship programme for international students. It provides funding to the best candidates in their fields of interest, regardless of nationality, age or gender.

The VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme for International Students is a scholarship programme for students from developing countries who wish to study at VU University Amsterdam. This scholarship can be used by students enrolled in any degree programme, but it’s most commonly used by those studying medicine or dentistry.

This scholarship has two parts: an annual award and a one-time grant. The annual award varies between 5.000 EUR or 10.000 EUR per year depending on how well you perform in your studies (and whether or not they feel like they need more money).

You’ll also receive a one-time grant of €1,500 upon completion of your master’s degree; this amount will go toward paying off any debt incurred during your studies if applicable.

To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

5. Radboud University Scholarship Programme

The Radboud University Scholarship Programme is a scholarship for international students and master’s degree programme students.

The Radboud Scholarship Programme provides a limited number of bright potential non-EEA students with the chance to undertake a full English-taught Master’s degree program at Radboud University Nijmegen.

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The scholarship does not consist of money that will be sent into your bank account, but rather of a partial tuition waiver. The tuition charge for an EEA student will be waived. Furthermore, the Radboud Scholarship covers visa, residence permit, health insurance, and liability insurance fees.

The application period is between 1 January and 31 March each year, but applications will be considered until 30 April or later depending on availability at various deadlines.

Scholarships may be awarded up to four years depending on whether they are offered as part of a regular or specialized master’s degree programme. To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

6. Utrecht Excellence Scholarship

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship is a scholarship for excellent international students who want to study at the University of Utrecht.

A number of foreign students from outside the European Economic Area are given the chance to study a Master’s degree at Utrecht University through the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship (UES).


The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship may be given in the form of tuition fees OR tuition fees plus the necessary income tied to a one-year study-related residence permit as determined by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

7. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is accessible to exceptional non-EU/EEA students enrolled in any of the university’s MA, MSc, or LL.M programs. The scholarships might be in the amount of €10,000 toward tuition, €15,000 toward tuition, or the entire amount of tuition less the house charge.

The application process for this scholarship is very simple: you just need to complete an application form starting from january 31st to October 1st of each year in order to be considered for funding for your next academic year as well as financial aid for living expenses during your studies at Leiden University College (LUC). To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

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8. University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarships

The University of Maastricht is a public research university in Maastricht, Netherlands. It has 6 faculties and offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in more than 100 disciplines to over 23,000 students each year.


Talented students from outside the EEA may apply for UM High Potential Scholarships to study in any master’s degree or graduate program for professionals provided by Maastricht University (UM), with the exception of the School of Business and Economics. The scholarships pay for the cost of tuition, monthly living expenses, insurance, and visa fees.

To apply for this scholarship, first go here. Then fill out the application form

University tuition fees & Studying costs in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, with tuition fees for universities varying from €1,200 per year at a public Dutch university to €13,000 per year at an elite private institution.

The cost of attending Dutch universities and higher education institutions is mostly funded by the government for students from the Netherlands, other EU/EEA nations, Switzerland, or Surinam. However, these students are also compelled to pay a mandatory tuition charge (collegegeld), which is established by the government and amounts to around €2,000 each year.

Non-EU/EEA students who come to study in the Netherlands typically pay higher tuition rates. The sum is determined by the school, the degree, the kind of student’s residence permit, their prior academic experience, and if they were awarded a scholarship. It’s a good idea to inquire about expenses directly with the institution of your choosing to get an accurate figure.


The point is, you can earn a scholarship to study in the Netherlands. Because of the high demand for international students, many universities have created scholarships specifically for them. These are just some of the ones available at Dutch universities, but there are many more out there too!



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