Top Scholarship for 2.2, 3rd, HND, and Low-Grade Graduate in the U.K. and U.S.


You can do masters with second class lower. It will be difficult but it is possible. You need to work hard and be focused. You need to have good leadership skills, organization and a good social network.

Does the UK accept 2.2 for Masters?

The UK accepts 2.2 for masters, PhDs and professional doctorates. However, you do not have to sit the exam in order to qualify for a degree with honors or distinction if your coursework has been approved by the University of London as meeting their requirements (see below).


If your undergraduate degree does not normally qualify you for an honours degree but would be considered good enough for a first class (1st) or upper second class (2:1).

Then it might still be possible to get such recognition by studying on courses which are part of an accredited course leading towards higher education awards from other institutions outside of the UK but which have been approved by QAA Research Councils as meeting their requirements.

What is a 2.2 UK GPA equivalent to?

A 2.2 UK GPA equates to 3.0, which is the minimum passing grade for entry level positions in the UK higher education system and many graduate jobs.


However, there are some exceptions where it can be accepted as high enough to qualify you for entry level positions.

If you have been awarded an advanced diploma or degree from another country (such as Germany), then they will accept your overseas qualification and award equivalence of 1 point per year on your English language skills test;

this means that if you had studied abroad for 5 years then gained 10 points when applying for a full time job in England/Scotland/Wales etc.,

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then those 10 points would count towards the required minimum required score of 6 out of 9 possible points needed by employers before hiring someone from their company (which includes all universities).

What is 2.2 degrees in the USA?

A 2.2 degree is considered a good degree in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It is also considered an excellent qualification for entry into higher education or professional training programs. A 2.2 degree is often required in order to enter certain professions such as law or medicine.

Should you do a Master’s, if you got a 2.2

There are many reasons why you could have received a lower-class degree, but just because you did not receive a 2.1 or a first doesn’t mean your degree isn’t useful, and it most certainly does not indicate that employers and admissions tutors won’t think highly of you.


Any kind of degree still counts as having one. It demands a great deal of effort from you as well as self-control, motivation, and time management. It’s still an amazing accomplishment if you get a 2.2 or third.

If your 2.2 was the result of truly pushing yourself to your limits, it is the only scenario in which you may use it as an excuse not to continue postgraduate study.

Higher education or the topic you studied may not be suitable for you if you worked hard but didn’t feel like your results accurately represented the amount of effort you put into your degree.

Postgraduate degrees might be more challenging and involve more independent study than undergraduate degrees, but master’s courses can be far more diversified and allow you the ability to delve deeply into topics that interest you.

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Therefore, you could discover that postgraduate circumstances were actually what you needed to prosper.

How to enter a master’s programme with a GPA of 2.2

Put a lot of effort into crafting a strong application, especially your personal statement, if you’re looking to complete a Master’s with a lower class degree.

In order to boost your application and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the field, you can consider gaining some relevant job experience before submitting it.

It’s important to mention your lower class honors whenever you can, especially if you’re going for a degree where a 2:1 is the admission criterion.

Why do you suppose you received a degree from a lesser class? What went wrong or why were you held back at the time? The best method to re-frame your 2.2 as a positive learning curve is to accept responsibility and demonstrate to the admissions tutor what you’ve learnt from your undergraduate degree.

Top Scholarship for 2.2, 3rd, HND, and Low-Grade Graduate

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme – U.K.

Students from Commonwealth nations who would not otherwise be eligible to study in the UK are now able to take advantage of graduate programmes at UK universities. Every year for Master’s studies, the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are made available.

You must possess a first degree in either the first or upper second class, or a lower second class degree with an appropriate postgraduate degree. This implies that if you have a 2:2 and have completed a master’s degree, you are qualified to apply for a scholarship for a second master’s degree.

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Apply Here


Australia scholarships to 1,000 African students who have earned at least a third-class grade. Australia

African students from underdeveloped nations are eligible for this grant. For students who are enrolled in postgraduate education, training, and professional development courses in Australia, the government offers a development support programme. Apply here

International Postgraduate Scholarships at the University of Bristol -U.K.

International students from developing nations including Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as other African nations, are welcome to apply for the Postgraduate Scholarships offered by the University of Bristol. Candidates should have finished their undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.2 classification. Apply Here

Scholarship for the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) at Oregon State University in the USA

You should apply for the Oregon State University scholarship if you’re seeking for a scholarship that would allow you to study in the United States with a second-class lower or higher. Register Here

African Students Can Apply for Masters Scholarships at the University of Bedfordshire in the U.K.

International students who currently hold a bachelor’s degree in a second-class or above are eligible for this fully-funded scholarship programme. Additionally, the candidates must be submitting an application to the University of Bedfordshire.


University of Staffordshire New Merit Scholarships – U.K.

International students who currently hold a bachelor’s degree in a second-class or above are eligible for this fully-funded scholarship programme. Additionally, candidates must be looking to enrol at the University of Staffordshire. Apply Here




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