Study Abroad: Scholarships In The UK For You

Scholarships In The UK For You
Scholarships In The UK For You

The United Kingdom, just like other EU nations is very supportive to students especially international students who wish to study here. Though the country has just a hand-full of fully-funded scholarships that actually take care or all your study expenses, it has however so many partially funded scholarships littered here and there.

These partially funded scholarships could only cover part of your tuition or accommodation or any other academic-related expenses. In line with that, you can agree that the very few scholarships that a fully funded would actually be very difficult to obtain especially for outsiders.

However, there are international scholarships that cover for student’s flight, visa processing cost, accommodation, etc. for developing countries especially Africa.

The UK has some of the best schools in the world, and the scholarships offered in some of these schools are mainly based on academic qualifications. The different scholarships available in Canada are awarded based on specific requirements and each of them is unique in their way.

For this article, we will discuss the different criteria for the scholarships available in the UK, and some of the requirements you must look out for if you want to succeed.

Different Scholarship Requirement in the UK

Here is the list of top 30 scholarships in Europe for international students who wish to study abroad, especially in the UK and in Germany.

Scholarship for Educational Qualification

Those who are academically outstanding and very much above average with their grades and other academic activity are usually preferred for this type of scholarship. So before you consider applying for the scholarship with excellent academic scholarship as a requirement, be sure to get high grades.

Country-Specific Scholarship

This type of scholarship is granted to candidates of a specified country or continent. So, depending on the country you come from you may have a scholarship available for you. These types of scholarships do not necessarily require any academic qualification or high grades.

School Specific Scholarship

The school you are attending or attended is key to this type of scholarship. Some schools have ties with UK universities and they sponsor their outstanding students to further their studies in the UK.

Course Specific Scholarship

This is partly a school-specific kind of scholarship only that instead of the school offering the scholarships, the different faculties or departments in the school or university are mostly the ones responsible for this type. For instance, in a university in the UK, scholarship offered to Engineering students can only be from the faculty of Engineering.

Scholarship for Sport Specifics

This type of scholarship is for candidates with exceptional talent in sports. So, if you are a candidate and you are really with certain sports then there are scholarships available for you in the UK.

Here is the list of top 30 scholarships in Europe for international students who wish to study abroad, especially in the UK and in Germany.

Note: please bear in mind that Gettoguide does not offer any scholarship, grant, or other forms of financial aid or assistance to students. we simply provide you information and opportunities to apply for available scholarships or grants to help you pay for your studies abroad.


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