Public And Private Universities In The US Which Is Good For Me


There are so many universities in the US, and so many of them are ranked in the Best 100 schools in the world. These schools fall under the public or community school, private schools, and catholic or Christian school.

While the learning standard for academics is the same throughout the US, the administration and control of the schools is what differentiates them.


Schools that are owned by individuals or certain non-governmental organizations are referred to as private schools. The daily administration and running in the school are controlled by these individuals not the government.

Choosing a school for your kids in the US should be done with the uttermost care and consideration, you have to consider the Tuition and where the school gets its funding may affect the tuition and fees. You still have to consider the reputation, the closeness of the school and what the campus culture is like.

Public And Private Universities In The US Which Is Good For Me


What are the Differences Between Public University And Private University?

The publicly owned schools are managed by the state, provincial, or federal government, and thus, the daily management is managed by appointed government personnel and controlled by the government.

While the public funds the public schools through the government, meaning that the control how much each student must pay for tuition or books, the Private schools are funded by the individuals or Non-Governmental Organizations, meaning that the students will pay whatever amount they have stated for tuition.

The private schools do not differ from the public school in every aspect, the major difference is the amount paid for tuition, the size and number of degrees offered, the size of the school classes and the school, the management (private schools are managed by its owners).

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The public schools in the US pay lesser fees compared to students in the private school but then the tuition paid by each student in the public school may differ depending on; the location of the school, the type of student (I.e. it may be different for international students whose parents do not reside in the US or Students who is from a different state in the US).

The public universities in the US also have greater number of students compared to the privates and they accept more students each year compared to the private schools. Private schools in the US though expensive, are among the first top 20 universities in the world.

It does not mean that the quality of education offered in public schools is inferior. There also many highly ranked schools in the US that also offer the very best of education, and there are a few of them among the first 30 best universities in the world and the best 100.


Private Universities In The US

In the US we will find so many schools that are privately owned, managed and controlled by individuals or organizations. They are responsible for the funding and everyday running of the school. Providing students with academic needs and more.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Universities?

More attention and focus are given to the students because of the few number of students have. Private schools accept a lesser number of students each year, compared to the public schools.

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Students learn and develop faster in private schools. Many students develop faster when they find themselves in a smaller classroom with about 20 to 100 students. Here they are not overlooked by the teachers and can ask any question concerning the subjects been thought.

The majority of the private universities receive funds from their old boys’ associations or their graduate students association which provides a lot of scholarships, grants and financial incentives for students.

When you complete your degree in private university or college in the US, you gain a lot of prestige and added advantage when you apply for a job.

The only major disadvantage of a private school is the tuition, it is often very costly especially for a school among the top 20 best universities in the world.

Top Best Universities In The US That Are Private

University World ranking US ranking
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1 1
Stanford University 2 2
Harvard University 3 3
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 4 4
University of Chicago 9 5
Princeton University 13 6
Cornell University 14 7
Yale University 16 8
Johns Hopkins University 17 9
Columbia University 18 10


Public Universities

These are schools and colleges funded by the government. The government of each state is responsible for the funding of public schools and universities in his or her state.

Public And Private Universities In The US Which Is Good For Me

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Universities?

Majority of the students who go to public colleges in Canada pay little or no tuition fee. This is because the government of the United States of America has made tuition very cheap and affordable.

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The number of students being accepted into public schools are usually double of the number the private schools in the US accept every year.

The public schools and colleges provide more programs, courses and Academic options for students, it is important for students who do not already have what cause they want to pursue or major.


There are also several On-Campus jobs for international students and local students, which means you can get a job while you are still studying and also get paid.

Top Best Universities In The US That Are Publicly Funded

University World ranking US ranking


University of Michigan


21 12
The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)



27 14
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


33 16
The University of California, San Diego (UCSD)


38 17
University of Wisconsin-Madison


55 21
University of Washington


61 22
The University of Texas at Austin


67 23
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


69 24
Georgia Institute of Technology


70 25
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



80 26


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