All You Need To Know About Public Elementary Schools In Canada


When you arrive in Canada with your wife and kids, you will have to sort out your accommodation which is important. Then you can search for good schools in Canada for your kids. You should consider good cities and towns with highly rated schools in the province you just moved to when choosing your accommodation.

The Canadian officials do not permit inter-provincial schooling. This means you can’t immigrate to one province and have your kids attend school inanother province.


So, you must do in-depth research about;

  1. The province you want to migrate to;
  2. The accommodation cost in the area;
  3. The schools in the area and their quality;
  4. The cost of tuition if you want your kids to attend private schools.
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Public schools in Canada are completely free, which means all kids in Canada must attend school. And until they reach the age of 16, and in some provinces 18 years, the decision not to continue with school lies with the parents.

The official age for every child to begin school is 4 years. Although the kids can start earlier. Schools open at exactly 8 a.m and close at 3 p.m so any other time outside these are regarded as extra classes which you need to pay for.

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As a working parent, the work ours are between 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m. It means you may need the services of a nanny or a daycare, which you have to pay for.


All You Need To Know About Public Elementary Schools In Canada

Public Schools in Canada

Things you might pay for in public schools are the school uniforms and then the school buses. The school bus fee is considerably cheap and if you live within a working distance, you may not have a need for them.

Aside from the government or public schools, we also have catholic schools in which some are free and some charge very low tuition fees.


The public schools in Canada teach everything in French especially for the grade one to three, the English language is thought as a separate subject. French is not used in the Elementary schools because they don’t learn very serious subjects requiring French.

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So, Canada public school is good for your children. They have really good teachers paid by the government in the province. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on private schools unless you can afford it. Make research and find out more about the school in your area before you send your kids there.

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