International Scholarships at The University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham was established by Queen Victoria by Royal Charter in 1900. The University of Birmingham is situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham in the United Kingdom. It is home to some of the famous institutes like the Barber Institute of Fine Arts which includes artworks by Van Gogh and Monet, Cadbury Research Library, and Shakespeare Institute. Also, the campus provides accommodation for its students. Birmingham City has beautiful architecture and is a modern and lively city. Moreover, there are a lot of parks, cafes and delicious street food in the city.

The University of Birmingham is one of the most popular UK universities, it has been involved in many discoveries made by the researchers of the university, including gaseous diffusion and cavity magnetron. Additionally, the university launched a scheme named Birmingham Heroes which includes major areas of research like an observation on gravitational force and energy-efficient cooling.

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In 2020-21, they are the number one ranked university by High Fliers Research, as the most targeted UK university for the country’s top employers looking for graduate recruits (The Graduate Market in 2021), demonstrating their commitment to students and your future. In addition, the university has invested £5m in its graduate careers services and successful alumni are offered mentoring and bursaries to support work experience and internships in the UK and overseas. International students are offered different unique tailored events such as coaching and skills workshops on topics such as networking skills, job-seeking strategies, and job-seeking beyond the UK.

Scholarship at The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham reward outstanding achievement and help ensure that fears about finance do not constrain prospective international students from considering to study at the University of Birmingham. They offer a number of prestigious international scholarships.

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The scholarships below are generally open to applicants from outside of the European Union. EU applicants are advised to review the UK/EU funding pages.


Multiple Region Scholarships & Funding

Africa (Sub-Sahara) Scholarships & Funding

Americas Scholarships & Funding

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Asia Scholarships & Funding

Europe Scholarships & Funding

The Middle East & North Africa Scholarships & Funding


If you have any additional questions about these scholarships please review the individual scholarship webpages for further contact information.



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