Get Fully-Funded ARES Scholarship Program to Study in Belgium


Brief Description: if you want to study for free in Germany, then you should try applying for the ARES scholarship program eligible to international students from developing countries in the world. Applicants for this scholarship are expected to be enrolled for a master’s program or a 4 to 6 months advanced training course in an institution located in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium.

Over 150 persons doing a Master’s program or 70 people who enrolled in a train course will be eligible to receive this award. Eligible subjects or field includes fields of studies are aquaculture, health, food technology, economics, international development, GIS, information technology, agriculture, environment, human rights, microfinance, etc.


Host Country/Institution: institution located in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium

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Scholarship Benefits: the award will cover international travel expenses, living allowance, registration fees, insurance, and housing allowance covered.



Applicants must currently be residing and working in her/his country of origin when they apply;

You must not be above the age of 40 for degree programs, and under 45 for training courses, at the time the training is scheduled to begin;

Applicants for this scholarship must complete an Undergraduate program at graduate-level diploma from Belgian university studies. However, for some training courses, different requirements may apply, which will be specified on the scholarship website;


You must a good and professional work experience in a developing country of at least two years after graduate studies, or of three years after their studies if the applicant has earned a post-grad degree from a university in an industrialized country;

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Have good mastery of written and spoken French. For training courses held in another language, it is essential to have a proper level in the course’s language, both written and spoken. We shall insist that the applicant commit to learning French in order to take part in daily life in Belgium;

Apply for only one training course;


Applicants should not obtain prior admission to one of the Francophone universities in Belgium in order to be considered for ARES grants.

Target Country: Developing Countries – Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia (only for training courses in English), Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Peru, the Philippines, DR Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam;

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How to Apply

Interested applicants should first review the requirements and see if they meet all the requirements to study in Belgium.


Scholarship Website and Application link(s):


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