High School In Canada


Just like the Universities in Canada, the high school or secondary school in Canada is open to all students who meet their requirements including international students and immigrants.

There are so many good and quality high school in Canada. They come in the form of Private high schools, Public or Municipal High schools, or the catholic high schools (does not necessarily mean religious school).


If you just migrated to Canada and your child within the accepted age for high school students (12 years and above) you can enroll them in a school in Canada once you’ve provided the basic documents. You can also send your kids to study in one of Canada’s high school from any country in the world as an exchange student.

Educational System Arrangement in Canada

Education in Canada is top-notch at all levels from Elementary to University level, the country is safe to grow kids and your child will get the best of education.

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Canada High school divided into Junior High school and senior high school, and children between the ages of 12 to 18 years are eligible to attend a high school. Children who are 12 to 15 years will be enrolled in Junior High school, and those between 15 to 18 years will be enrolled in Senior High school.


High School In Canada

The normal calendar year for each high school is usually between the first week of September to the month of July the following year. The Canadian educational system will normally be the same for all the high schools in the country, but there might be slight administration procedures between a school in Ontario and a school in Manitoba.

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The school calendar may differ by province, and the legal age a child must reach before he or she is allowed to make a decision on whether to continue school or drop out differs. That means Education in Canada is compulsory to a certain age, and its also free in public schools.


The private schools in Canada are very expensive, but if you can afford it, it will totally worth every penny, students enjoy more extra-curricular activities like study travels or adventures to enhance their learning and a lot more advantage. Not every private school in Canada is good for your child so you must do a background check first before sending your kid to any.

I will strongly advise you to send your kids to a public school, its free (for only those living or residing in Canada), and your kids will gain as much education as a kid in the private. This is because all the schools in Canada have the same curriculum, which means they are practically learning the same thing.

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High School Educational Requirements

  • Your child must reach the accepted age to be eligible.
  • Must have completed grade school
  • Proficient language skills in English or French
  • School results or report cards from their home country
  • To get into a high school in Canada, you must go through the local school board located in each province. The student’s grade, health, and age will be assessed, and you must provide the required or requested document by the board.

To enroll your child in a private high school, contact the school directly. The deadlines may also differ depending on the school or the province the school is located.


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