Choosing The Right School For Your Kids In Canada


When you arrive in Canada, you will be faced with the task of finding a good school for your kids in a nice location. The question of how do I find a good school? How do I know a good school? Where will I find the right school for my kids? What are the acceptance requirements for international students?

All of these questions are to be considered if you want to get the best for your kids. The educational system in Canada is basically the same, but there may be slight differences in each province in their mode of acceptance or their administration procedure.

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You have like three options of schools you could send your kids to, the first is the Public school, Private school, the Catholic school. The catholic school does not mean the seminary school or the place where kids go to become priests, it just means that the boys and the girls will be separated, all the girls will learn in one class, and the boys in one class.

If you have the big cash to send your kids to a private school, then that is good, but then you sill have to make a research about the school, their level of education, the security and other stuff.

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The public schools in Canada are completely free, but that doesn’t mean your kid might not get rejected if he or she does not meet the basic requirements for the entrance.

Choosing The Right School For Your Kids In Canada

Do A Research

Before you choose an accommodation, I suggest you first make inquiries on the schools around the area you want to reside. The school should be within a walkable distance from where you leave to avoid expenses. But then if you are unable to achieve this, you still have the options of school buses and daycare if your kids are still little.

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When you make an inquiry at the school district central office or the board of education, you will find out the requirements for acceptance in these schools. You will be required to provide the child’s past education record or report from the previous school to determine which class he or she will be assigned to. You will also provide the child’s medical history.


Age: Grade – School

  • 2 to 5: – – Pre-school or Kindergarten
  • 6 to 11: 1 to 6 – Elementary
  • 12 to 14: 7 to 9 – Junior high
  • 15 to 18: 10 to 12 – Senior high