Top Entry Requirements For A Masters Program


A Masters’s degree is an academic achievement awarded to students by a University after a year or two of completing a Master’s degree program. In order to apply for a Master’s program, you must complete your undergraduate studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

There are different reasons why many students pursue a master’s program even after graduating with a very good grade at an undergraduate level


Reasons To Obtain A Master’s Degree

  1. Many believe that with the constant changes occurring in the world right now, a master’s degree is now the new bachelor’s degree. Meaning that acquiring just a bachelor’s degree does not really get you anything in society as there are a lot of competitions in the world today.
  2. For a better chance of promotion and securing important positions in your company.
  3. Some people do it for knowledge and also for recognition.
  4. Compete for jobs with high salaries in the labor market.
  5. Your profession may demand you acquire a master’s degree.
  6. Eager to pursue another subject and change direction in your career.
  7. Advance your career.
  8. Some graduates did very poorly at the undergraduate level, a master’s degree will help improve their chances in the labor market.
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Types Of Master’s Degree

Depending on the course program you picked, the master’s program may fall under a research-based and course-based master’s degree. If your chosen program requires a series of research and a lesser number of lectures, teaching, and learning, then it falls under research-based.

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But when your chosen course program requires more lectures, following a structured and schematic learning system, seminars and supervisors then it falls under the course-course based.

Top Entry Requirements For A Masters Program


If you are going to study in America, Canada, The US, The UK, Australia, Germany, or any other European or developed countries, you must meet the student visa requirement of that country before we talk about the University or college entrance requirements.

Requirements For A Student Visa

  • Language Proficiency
  • A valid passport
  • Proof to show you are a student
  • Letter of acceptance from an accredited institute or university
  • Proof of paid visa application fee
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Undergraduate Transcript and original certificate.
  • Proof to show Financial capability and stability
  • Requirements to Apply to a University for a Master’s Degree
  • A Student Visa
  • A First class, second class Upper, second class Lower, or a Third Class depending on the institution you are applying to.
  • A letter or statement of purpose from the student.
  • A Reference Letter
  • Project description or portfolio: A project description or a portfolio is only required for very specialized programs, like a Master of Research or a Master of Science type of degree
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Language Proficiency
  • A copy of your previous diploma or degree.
  • Some postgraduate studies may require you to have some level of working or professional experience.
  • Some schools of universities demand you write an entrance exam, others may not.
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