A Pathway to Canada College or University In Canada


Just any other country, after you complete your high school education the next step is finding a good college and then applying to the school.

In Canada, students are thought and advised to decide early on the career they wish to continue after their high school diploma. This will help them decide easily on which university or college is best for them, thus making the transition from high school to college very easy.


It’s usually difficult for students to settle on which career path they wish to focus on, and in such cases, they are advised to follow their passion early and the school provides them with the possible assistance to help them thrive.

The first requirement and probably one of the most important for both international students and citizens or permanent residents in Canada is that you must complete your high school diploma.

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So, whether you complete your high school diploma in Canada or anywhere in the world you must provide evidence to prove it when you apply to a college or university.


The Post-Secondary Education Will Fall Under One of The Following

  1. Bachelor’s degree (3 years)
  2. Bachelor’s with Honours (4 years)
  3. Master’s degree (1 to 2 years)
  4. Ph.D. or doctoral studies (3 to 5 years)

The first degrees require you to complete your high school diploma as pre-requisite and the last two require you to complete your university degree. The degrees and programs are also offered on a part-time and full-time basis to accommodate everybody.

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Requirements to Apply for a University in Canada

When you have decided on which university you want to continue your education at, then you have to check if you meet the requirements to study in the school;

  • Meet the language proficiency requirements;
  • Graduation certificate or a high school diploma;
  • A completed application form;
  • Resume;
  • A letter of intent;
  • Proof of adequate and sufficient funds to sustain yourself in Canada at least for the first year of your program
  • For students interested in higher education after University degree, two letters of academic reference that attest the preparation for Master/Ph.D. studies (including letters from employers).

Finding a very good school in Canada isn’t very difficult, what is, are you making a choice on which school best suits your career path and sometimes that may prove a problem. So, to get you started we have listed some schools that cover many courses.

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Famous Canada College to get you started

  1. Queen’s University School of English — Kingston, Ontario
  2. University of Toronto — Toronto, Ontario
  3. University of British Columbia — Vancouver, British Columbia
  4. McGill University — Montréal, Québec
  5. Seneca College — Toronto, Ontario
  6. University of Alberta — Edmonton, Alberta
  7. University of Montréal — Montréal, Québec
  8. Algonquin College — Ottawa, Ontario
  9. University of Calgary — Calgary, Alberta
  10. Carleton University — Ottawa, Ontario
  11. Concordia University — Montréal, Québec

As an international student who wishes to study in Canada, you will have to complete an English test as a pre-requisite and pathway to applying for university education in Canada.

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