Top 10 Universities In Canada With High Employability Rate


Aside from the degree, you obtained, and the Course program you completed in school, the university you studied may also have a great impact on how fast you get employed in Canada.

With no doubt, Canada has some of the most prestigious institutions in the world with a flexible educational system which has placed it on the list of top country destinations for international student.


Universities such as the University of Toronto have produced graduates who have to go on to lead companies or become high-profile political and cultural players. The education and training you receive from these universities are top-notch which makes difficult for an employer to ignore you.

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With the certificate and degree achieved, it is almost impossible to not succeed in any job market in the world. These universities with high employability rates have healthy partnership agreements employers allowing qualified graduates to easily gain employment.

Also, with the reputation, these schools have built over the years and the standard attained through quality education and research, employers are most likely to employ more graduates for these institutions.

Top 10 Universities In Canada With High Employability Rate
Top 10 Universities In Canada With High Employability Rate

Reasons For High Employment Rate

  • University Alumni: Some schools have quite a god number of Alumni and clubs were graduates and old boys meet to see how well they can help the school that has trained them. They provide scholarships for students, jobs for fresh graduates and others.
  • University Reputation and Academic Achievements: another reason is that employers believe that the top schools or universities produce top graduates, so the obvious thing to do is employ students who graduated from these schools.
  • University and Employer’s specifics: some schools specialize in a particular career or academic field such as technology, business or entrepreneur.
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Universities With The Most Employment Rate

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1 15 13 University of Toronto Toronto
2 17 18 McGill University Oxford
3 36 37 University of Montreal London
4 61 56 University of British Columbia Montreal
5 78 78 McMaster University London
6 120 134 University of Alberta Alberta
7 186 200 University of Victoria Victoria
8 204 169 Dalhousie University Halifax
9 240 184 University of Waterloo Waterloo
10 284 178 University of Calgary




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[…] The university has more than 40,000 students and they come from 156 different countries, the university graduates enjoy one of the highest employment rates in Canada and among the best in the world, according to QS Graduate Employability Rankings. […]