Avoid These Mistakes When You Apply To A German University


Applying to a German University can be very challenging whether you are applying for undergraduate or post-graduate studies. Germany has so many universities that accept international students every year, but applying to either one can be quite tricky and confusing especially if it is your first time.

There so many steps involved such as picking the right university that offers the course program you intend to study, knowing when to apply, which documents are needed, the requirements involved, how to write a SoP and other important detail that you must put in place in other successfully gain admission to the school of your choice.


The easiest way to handle this will be to actually get help from a consultant, but then we will tell you why this option wouldn’t profit you and it is not the best way out for you.

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You are bound to make mistakes if you are not properly guided that is why we have put together top avoidable mistakes that should help you get started.

Top Mistakes To Avoid When You Apply To A German University

Avoid applying to only one university.

There so many reasons why this is a problem, take for instance when you apply to a school that receives over 10,000 student applications yearly and can only accept 2,000 students with outstanding grades per the calendar year.


Yes, you may have a decent grade up to 70%, but then out of the 10,000 students who have applied, you might never stand a chance. So my advice is to apply to many schools as possible, make researches find out relevant information about their entire admission process and apply.

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Applying to so many universities opens your chances in a very competitive environment, so try to apply to at least 15 universities so that you do not waste too much time.

Do not rely on education consultants

This may seem the ideal solution and faster means to speed up your admission process, but in the end, it’s you who might lose. So many of the consultants collect some amount of money from universities especially private universities to bring students to the school.


So, instead of giving you all the necessary help you deserve to get admission into the school you desire, they will be more open to making profits from both the private universities and from you as well.

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A consultant wouldn’t put as much effort in writing your Statement of Purpose and others as you would when you do them yourself. So get the necessary information and guidance and do them on your own.

Avoid applying to private universities

There are some private universities that are good no doubt, but many of the private schools are just concerned about their pockets and may have little or no regard for students’ well-being.


In a public school or university students are greatly represented by the student council and they ensure that the voice and complaint of the student are urgently dealt with.

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