Top 20 Best Universities In The UK That You Need Check Out


Universities in the UK are among the best in the world with the best educational system and flexible academic system which allows students to take up jobs while in school.

UK universities and colleges are the second most favorable destinations for international students around the world just after the United States of America. Not only are the Universities in the UK among the best in the world, but they are also top of the list in Europe.


Over the years Universities in the UK have attracted so many international students, drawing attention for their incredible academic records of excellence. Although the universities in England have great and outstanding academic history, the tuition and cost of living here are quite expensive.

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Notwithstanding, thousands of students from around the world apply to study in these universities and many of them get accepted. And the benefits you stand to gain academically, far outweighs the amount that will be spent. Students are also allowed to work while in school, so you can support yourself while you are studying.

Top 20 Best Universities In The UK That You Need Check Out


International students who wish to study in the UK must begin with a basic step of choosing the right school and to do that you should consider the following factors:

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Factors For Ranking

  • University ranking
  • Subject ranking
  • Location
  • Cost of living
  • Student satisfaction
  • Research ranking
  • Percentage of international students

Top 20 Best Universities in the UK and Their Location.

  1. The University of Oxford:- located in Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge:- located in Cambridge
  3. The University of Edinburgh:- located in Edinburgh
  4. University College London:- located in London
  5. The University of Manchester:- located in Manchester
  6. The London School of Economics and Political Science:- located in London
  7. University of Leeds:- located in Leeds
  8. University of Glasgow:- located in Glasgow
  9. The University of Nottingham:- located in Nottingham
  10. University of Southampton:- located in Southampton
  11. Heriot-Watt University:- located in Edinburgh
  12. The University of Warwick:- located in Coventry
  13. Imperial College London:- located in London
  14. University of Birmingham:- located in Birmingham
  15. Newcastle University:- located in Newcastle upon Tyne
  16. King’s College London:- located in London
  17. The University of Sheffield:- located in Sheffield
  18. University of St Andrews:- located in St Andrews
  19. Lancaster University:- located in Lancaster
  20. The University of York:- located in York
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