Top 20 Universities In The US With High Employability


Getting a job after graduation is a dream for many students in the higher institution today. Some students do whatever it takes to gain admission into reputable colleges or universities, and pay so much money for tuition just to receive the best of education, and reputation that puts them ahead of others in the labor market.

Many of the universities and colleges of high repute got to the standard they are now because the quality of education passed to their students are limited in the labor market.


The graduates from these institutions get more employment opportunities because of the training they have received. They have very large Alumni around the world helping fresh graduates get employed.

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Some of the institutions provide networking sessions and career fairs to help their students in the job market. Some have partnership agreements with many employers around the world.

Top 10 Universities In The US With High Employability 2020


But sometimes it is not just about the institution you attended, it is mostly about you and what the employer expects from you in relation with the career field. Attending a top school means you have something better to offer compared to graduates from other schools or institutes.

Reasons For High Employment Rate

  • University Alumni: Some schools have quite a god number of Alumni and clubs were graduates and old boys meet to see how well they can help the school that has trained them. They provide scholarships for students, jobs for fresh graduates and others.
  • University Reputation and Academic Achievements: another reason is that employers believe that the top schools or universities produce top graduates, so the obvious thing to do is employ students who graduated from these schools.
  • University and Employer’s specifics: some schools specialize in a particular career or academic field such as technology, business or entrepreneur.
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Universities With The Most Employment Rate

1 1 1 Harvard University Cambridge
2 2 2 California Institute of Technology Pasadena
3 3 3


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge
4 5 5 Stanford University Stanford
5 8 7 Princeton University Princeton
6 9 8 Yale University New Haven
7 13 14 Columbia University New York City
8 16 15 New York University New York City
9 21 21 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore
10 24 22 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley
11 27 27 Dartmouth College Hanover
12 38 42 University of Chicago Chicago
13 42 40 Duke University Durham
14 56 41 Rice University Houston
15 63 62 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles


16 67 47 Brown University Providence
17 70 65 Cornell University Ithaca
18 75 67 Boston University Boston
19 76 93 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta



20 82 106 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia




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