How To Become A Student In The UK


The United Kingdom is the second most favorable destination for International Students just behind the United States of America. The UK has the best schools in the world, and the University of Oxford is currently number one in the world according to world rankings by top sites such as,, and

There are over four universities in the UK topping the first 10 best universities in the world, and over 20 UK universities among the top 100 universities in the world which goes to show the quality of schools.


International students who decide to become students in the UK are assured quality in their education and world-recognized certificate to compete and top at any labor force.

The country also boasts of providing job opportunities for international graduates and even students who are yet to graduate. As an international student, you are eligible to apply for different scholarships for foreign students at entry-level and full-scale scholarship that covers your course from start to finish.

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How To Become A Student In The UK


UK Tuition And Student Visa

No doubt universities in the UK are quite expensive, especially for international students. Unless you have a fat bank account or a rich sponsor it will mostly be very difficult for you to cover the expenses.

Things you may want to consider are; Tuition fees, accommodation, books, feeding, transport, and others. While these things may pose an obstacle, there are still ways you can achieve your dreams to study in the UK.

The first thing you need to become a student in the UK is a student visa. One of the requirements to apply for a student visa to the UK is a letter of acceptance from a university in the UK.


How to Get A Letter Of Acceptance From A University In The UK

Choose a school in the UK is easy, you don’t have to think hard to select which school is good, because they are all top universities. The issue is selecting or choosing your choice of program and knowing which school offers that program. The location of the school or university should also play a vital role because it could help you cut expenses.

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Now when selecting a university in the UK you can look for the top universities in the UK (all though the universities here are unique in their own way.) that offer the course program you intend to study; research on the cost of studying in the university you selected ( the course program selected, the location you reside which determines the distance from the school, your lifestyle are all the factors that can determine your cost for studies).

To get an acceptance letter you will have to apply to the university, although for undergraduates it is not done directly.


How To Become A Student In The UK

Steps To Apply

To apply, you have to register and create an account with Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

  • Apply to a University/university of your choice and five programs or more.
  • Complete personal information
  • Include previous educational qualifications
  • Add financial information
  • Write a personal statement
  • Get a health insurance
  • Apply for UK student Visa online, or can travel to the UK on a visitor visa and apply directly in the school
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You can login after creating your account on the UCAS website and see different requirements of Universities, and you can save your application or suspend it and also return as many times as you want to before your final submission.

Applying As A Post Graduate Student In The UK

You are allowed to apply directly to the school if you are going for your master’s or Ph.D. degree and you can also apply via UKPASS system when you create an account. You can upload all your documents and details online such as passport and your bachelor’s degree certificate.


If you are applying for a Ph.D. program, you’d be required to choose a supervisor at the universities first.

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