Schools In Canada With The Best Acceptance Rate


Canada has some of the best schools in the world. Canada has become the most preferred destination for many international students who are looking for a good and quality education at a considerable amount too.

The school rankings and rating has shown that Canadian schools accept more international students compared to any other country.


Each year, thousands of international students make their way into some of the top schools in Canada, and the rate at which these universities accept students has greatly improved over the years.

Getting into a Canadian University has become a lot easier, no need for long protocols when applying for a student visa, a simpler application process, and a chance for you to work while you are studying and even an opportunity to work after you must have graduated.

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We have made a list of top schools in Canada with a high acceptance rate and the range of their yearly tuition. The tuition may vary depending on; which school you apply to, the program you selected, the lifestyle you like, if you applying for undergraduate studies or post-graduate studies.


List of Canadian Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

  1. McGill University: Has 41.7% acceptance rate, and for international tuition fees start at $18,440.10 and go up to $48,747.90
  2. University of British Columbia: 52.4% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 5,646.4 CAD, International tuition 38,946.2 CAD
  3. Queen’s University: 42% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 6,153 CAD, International tuition 27,513 CAD
  4. McMaster University: 58.7% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 5,966.4 CAD on the average, International tuition 22,471.2CAD on the average.
  5. University of Waterloo: 52% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 7,506.4 CAD on the average, International tuition 38,547CAD on the average.
  6. University of Montreal: 57% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 7,940 CAD on the average, International tuition 21,587CAD on the average.
  7. University of Toronto: 40% acceptance rate and Domestic tuition 6,089 CAD on the average, International tuition 44,598CAD on the average.
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So to sum everything, the best universities in Canada have an average acceptance rate of 40% – 58.7% and when you check closely at the average tuition for a year, you will discover that they are a lot cheaper.

When you graduate from a Canadian school, you become eligible for the Canadian graduate work permit.

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The work permit allows you to remain in Canada and acquire the necessary work experience which should also be useful if you decide to remain in Canada permanently.


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Mahamud mahamed warsame
Mahamud mahamed warsame
2 years ago

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[…] Schools In Canada With The Best Acceptance Rate […]

Hashmat sahar
Hashmat sahar
2 years ago

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hamse ahmed osman
hamse ahmed osman
2 years ago

My name is hamse ahmed from Somalia i want to study and work my lovely dreaming country Canada i am a lecturer of ICT at golis university and sanag university help me to come Canada my mobile number is +252634212722 and my gmail is please consider thit application. Thanks for your time