What Employers Really Want From a Job Seeker


Employers and jobs recruiters always seek ways to help the company grow, financially, socially, and otherwise. As a job seeker, you should possess attributes and skills that are useful and can improve the company and yourself.

If you are a football fan, then you know why managers and club executives spend money on players. The purpose is to bring something different to the team and help them win trophies, and the more skill you possess, then the more chances for a higher wage.


This is no different from a marketing agency, a construction company, a business or firm, and any other company. To improve a company, you need helping hands, right? And in the case of a construction company or even a business firm you need skilled workers who you can count on to improve the company.

In the many interviews I have experienced from discussions and interviews with people, there are always two key questions you are asked; What can you bring to the company or why should we hire you? And where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or 10 years?

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From experience, these questions do not determine your skill, that is what your certificate and tests are for and you should have the right skill to be considered for an interview. The recruiter or employer wants to know how you intend to help the company grow.


And the second question is meant to understand you if you are growing so does the company and your growth should somehow have a positive impact on the company. Anyone who does not have the will or desire to improve or grow, cannot help the company.

5 traits employers want a Job Seeker to have

5 traits employers want a Job Seeker to have

Dependability and Reliability

To have the company’s interest at heart means you will want to see it grow, that means contributing positively as much as you can. To add value to a company, or help it grow, you should have some valuable skill or skills that the company can depend on.

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But, you don’t dependable or reliable just by having some skills, but it’s the first step. Before a company can depend on you for a position you have to show some level of commitment, a good track record of punctuality and attendance.

Work experience is also key, but as a fresh applicant just out of college, the work experience will be minimal. However, as a fresh graduate, you may have to talk about group projects or work were your team depended on you, or how you helped out to complete the work.

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Good Communication Skill

An employer would be looking for employees who mumble words or lack the confidence to at least communicate effectively. You should be able to effectively explain yourself by listening or speaking with some level of confidence.


Technical Competency

You should also show your employer that you possess the skills you advertise especially with things concerning the company.

Problem Solving

The ability to adapt and solve a problem is very essential, it shows the employer that you can be relied on when the company faces real challenges.

Eager to Grow and Add to Your Knowledge and Skills


Just like I have emphasized earlier in this article, your growth or eagerness to grow shows the employer that you can help the company grow.

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