Top 8 Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students In USA


Many international students often dream they could study in the United States, and who wouldn’t? the United States is one of the world’s famous and powerful countries. The country offers great learning and academic experience for students.

The academic qualities offered to students are top-notch. The country has some of the best schools in the world and certificates obtained from any of the schools in the United States can compete with any other in the world including the world global market.

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One problem international students often encounter in finance. Just as the United States has the best schools and offers quality education, they are usually not cheap. Students must pay for Tuition, Accommodation, Feeding, clothing, transportation and many more.

But the money for all these things must not deprive you of your dreams, you have the opportunity to access and apply for the numerous scholarships in America even from your home country.

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When you successfully apply for a scholarship to study in America, it will become a lot easier to move to the country for studies.


Top Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students in America

  1. Hays Memorial Scholarship
  2. Purdue University Lillian Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellowships in the US, 2020
  3. American University scholarship
  4. Kotzen Scholarships At Simmons University In US, 2020
  5. Mathematics Undergraduate Merit Scholarships at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in US, 2020
  6. East Tennessee State University International Undergraduate Student Y2 Merit Scholarship, USA
  7. Cargill Global Scholars Program (CGSP) In USA
  8. Mastercard Foundation Scholarships Scheme for International Students
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Note: please bear in mind that Gettoguide does not offer any scholarship, grant, or other forms of financial aid or assistance to students. we simply provide you information and opportunities to apply for available scholarships or grants to help you pay for your studies abroad.

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A/rahman idiris mohamed ismail
A/rahman idiris mohamed ismail
2 years ago

I’m very Excited apart of university and apart of scholarship

Lusenie Titus M
Lusenie Titus M
2 years ago

I will be greatful if granted

Mintesinot Nigussie yohannis
Mintesinot Nigussie yohannis
2 years ago

Be easy process