Top 5 Effects Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On International students And Universities


The Coronavirus pandemic has become the human race worst nightmare, causing the deaths of more than 5,000 people around the world.

To that effect, countries have halted all international movements and travel as a way of containing this virus. The world has been hit so hard and unexpectedly, countries such as Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, etc. have also gone as far as implementing a total lockdown within the country, which all movements within the country will be limited.


The lockdown would mean that all educational activities will halt, and schools can no longer continue as usual. The question still remains, “For how long will things remain the way they are”? or “Has the Virus come to stay”? and “How are schools managing this situation”?

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Things will definitely not go back to the way it used to be, at least not this year anyway. Universities and colleges will have to make changes to their academic calendar say the coronavirus dilemma goes away today.

Universities and other schools are shut down for the main time until the situation is controlled and it becomes safe to resume academic activities.



With this apprise, universities will be forced to make critical decisions concerning the administrative and financial glitches that will challenge the school.

Meanwhile, some universities have adopted an online learning technique, to ensure that they keep up with the Academic schedules.

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What are the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on international students and Academics generally?

  1. The first response of the academic bodies in the affected countries such as Italy, Spain, Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, etc. is to suspend temporarily all academic activities in or around the school.
  2. The government has also suspended international travel, meaning that international students will no longer be allowed to enter or leave the country until they are re-opened.
  3. International students contribute greatly to the economy and to the financial growth of the respective institutions. And there is no doubt that there will a fall in the economy of the affected countries.
  4. Universities have considered the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has affected not only the admission process but also the eligibility of the applying students. Thus, the deadlines for final application submission has been postponed indefinitely.
  5. Students in their finals and soon to be graduates will have to wait a while longer to receive their high school diplomas or degrees.
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This is a difficult period for every institution and everyone, more especially students who are applying to a university. Although some schools have moved back the deadline for the final submission of application, if the situation does not improve, it may be very difficult to put together all the requirements for admission.

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