Top 20 Best Universities In The US You Should Consider


The rankings and ratings of schools are done solely based on the achievements of the school which comes from achievements and awards earned or won by the students. Over the years, ranking and ratings of universities in the US have been done and publicized by websites, magazines, newspapers, and government bodies.

The factors for ranking universities in the US have also varied depending on which organization is conducting the ranking.


US University Ranking

Ranking factors may be conducted based on how wealthy the school is, research excellence and the influence of students, students/student governing organization’s option or opinion, success, and achievements, demographic, etc.

The main purpose of these rankings is to first recognize the works the individual universities are putting to improve the students and the schools in general. Now, depending on the ranking factor or reason, the students are given insights on what to expect from schools or universities.

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But you must have in mind that because a school is ranked first for its wealth and infrastructure does not necessarily mean that they too in other factors. So, depending on your preferences, a school or university that is at the top may not always be the best for you.


Top 20 Best Universities In The US You Should Consider

Another thing to note is that the best schools are always expensive unless you can afford to finance your education in these schools, or you have a scholarship, the top schools or university may not be the one for you.

Top 20 Best Universities In The United States

According to the rankings from different popular websites such as Forbes, TimesHigherEducation (THE), Niche, etc., the universities in the US have occupied the top 10 of the worlds’ best schools, with schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, etc. making up the top 10.

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Our rankings of the best universities in the US will be dependent on the world rankings and academic achievements of students, and awards of schools.

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US University Ranking 2020

US Ranking World Ranking University Location
1                  2 Stanford University Stanford, California
2                  3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts
3 4 California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California
4 6 Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey
5 7 Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts
6 8 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7 8 Yale University



New Haven, Connecticut
8 9 University of Chicago Chicago Illinois
9 12 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland
10 13 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California
11 16 Columbia University New York City, New York
12 17 University of California Los Angeles, California
13 19 Cornell University Ithaca, New York
14 20 Duke University Durham, North Carolina
15 21 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, Michigan
16 22 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois
17 26 University of Washington Seattle, Washington
18 27 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
19 29 New York University New York City, New York
20 32 University of California, San Diego San Diego, California


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