Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs In Canada That Does Require A College Degree


There is a norm connecting education to success in the world that everyone believes you must follow if you want to succeed or at least have a chance to be an important member of society.

Over and again this norm has been that it is not true. When you are born, you were made to believe the idea that without education you will probably not have a shot to succeeding in the world. This is entirely untrue.


While education exposes you to all kinds of knowledge and teaches you to behave in a more civilized manner amongst its other importance. Going to school for just the idea that you will get and a good job and earn enough money should not be the main reason why you should be in school.

Some student today choose their career based on how much they’d earn as salary after graduation, not considering if they are really good in that field. There are a lot of good-paying jobs that are being underrated in Canada.

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And the best part is many of the jobs do not require a University degree, some only require you to complete your high school. We could equally acknowledge that not everyone can afford to go to college after they graduate from high school. Given rising tuitions and crippling student debt, college might not be for everyone.


Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs In Canada That Does Require A College Degree

Well-paying Jobs In Canada That Does Not Require a University Degree

  1. Transit driver the requirement for this job is your high school diploma and a class c driver license with no suspension. Salary range: $31,968 – $72,264
  2. Automotive service technician/mechanic: Salary range: $26,532 – $71,119. although it’s a messy job, you still will require good communication skills, and the pay is good.
  3. Graphic designer: Graphic designers earn an average of close to $45,000 per year.
  4. Actor/actress: Salary range: $21,180 – $368,480 there is nowhere in the rule book of fame that states that you must have a degree to become a movie star. the not famous actors/actresses earn a pretty decent amount too. if you are lucky to land a deal with a company or brand, you can earn even more than you can imagine.
  5. Welder: Salary range:-$33,877 – $85,602. You will likely require a high school diploma if you are working for a company and they demand it.
  6. Plumber: Salary range: $33,308 – $86,932:- Require a high school diploma plus a four-to-five-year apprenticeship is typically required.
  7. Garbage truck driver: Salary range:- $31,779 – $61,264:- You will need at least a D7 drivers license to qualify as a Garbage truck driver and you will also have a good communication skill which sometimes requires a high school diploma
  8. Land Surveyor: A Land Surveyor earns a pretty decent amount with Salary ranging from $38,075 – $108,568 even without a professional license, and once you acquire a professional license you could earn around $65,000 to a million.
  9. Air traffic controller: Salary range: $47,344 – $169,911:- you require just a high school diploma, a telephone operator license, an air traffic controller license, and you will also complete a NAV Training program to become an Air traffic controller
  10. Web developer: Salary range: $32,700 – $75,114:- with good programming knowledge, you can earn enough money working for an IT firm in Canada or even be your own boss and start up your own IT firm even without a high school diploma.
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