Study At The University Of British Columbia In Canada


The University of British Columbia is located in the city of Vancouver in Canada. Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada and offers the best learning environment for students, foreign or local. The University of British Columbia is currently the biggest schools in the city and one of the biggest in the country.

The University of British Columbia is always open to international students, and the school accepts more than three thousand international students every year. There are also varieties of scholarships and grants available to international students studying the school. One such scholarship is the International Leaders of Tomorrow (ILOT) scholarship.


Application Procedure to University of British Columbia

There are basically four simple procedures to apply to the university, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate study.

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You have to explore the different programs you wish to apply for I reckon you make a list of three programs you will apply for.

Another step is to ensure that you meet all the requirements listed by the school and also the requirements to obtain a study visa.


The next step is to prepare yourself, your documents and then prepare your application along with all the travel documents.

The next step is to submit your application online or in-person at your local visa application center.

What are the requirements To Study At The University Of British Columbia?

Obtaining admission into UBC is usually very competitive and you must have a good Post-Secondary or Undergraduate grade to be accepted. if you are applying for undergraduate or Post-Graduate studies respectively.

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Requirements to Apply

All applicants must have a good English or French language standard and proficiency that is; each student must provide proof of language proficiency.

Applicants who wish to study an undergraduate program must complete secondary or a high school education and must have high grades.

For candidates applying for a post-graduate program, you are required to have a good grade above 50% for either a degree or a diploma.


Candidates also have to meet the admission requirements of their selected program or course of study.

Steps to Apply to UBC

Decide which program you want to study and which campus you want to go to. The University of British Columbia has Two Campuses one at Okanagan and the other in Vancouver. Choose a Program

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The next is to complete your profile online via the UBC website. at this point, you must make a stand and write a quality essay about yourself and other questions that will be asked. You will talk about your life achievements, qualifications, and experiences. This would help the school decide if you are qualified to study at the University of British Columbia.

Then you have to complete your application, fill out other blanks, check the necessary boxes and submit your application online.


Find out more about how to apply to the University of British Columbia website.

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Gashaw Mamuye
Gashaw Mamuye
3 years ago

I need scholareship for sdudy

Hussein nour adam
Hussein nour adam
2 years ago

I want to learn something.alltho i am in somalia as you know the somali have good education .can you halppe me. Alltho this univesity is high and is located in the high countre plaese helppe me .

Godfrey Taban Oyoo Okello
Godfrey Taban Oyoo Okello
2 years ago

Kindly in need of scholarship position.