Study Abroad: Scholarships In Canada For You



Studying Abroad, especially in Canada is a dream come true for many international students. But then there is often the barrier of tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other expenses that come with studying here in Canada.


If you are wondering how best to take care of your fees and other expenses, then applying for a scholarship can help you take care of your finances.

There is also an option of working while studying in Canada, but then you have to find a way to start balancing work with your studies which can be confusing sometimes.

Some of the Canadian scholarships often take care of your fees and also pay you some money for other expenses. Many of the scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic performances, and work experiences and some recognize volunteers.

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There are so many Universities, companies, businesses, and firms offering scholarships to both Canadians and international students.

if you want to study in Canada, there are a variety of available scholarships in Canada that you can apply for, whether partially-funded or fully-funded scholarships.

Canada accepts thousands of international students every year on scholarship. The figure rises each year, and by the year 2020, it is expected a move up from 350,000 to 500,000 students.


Types Of Scholarships In Canada

University Scholarship

This is the first and probably the most popular one. Offered mostly by the universities in Canada to both international and local students in Canada. Find University Scholarships Here

Financial Scholarship

These types of scholarships are mostly offered based on the financial need of the students. Mainly for residents in the US, but most times, some of the universities offer to give out needs-based scholarships to foreigners. Read More about this option

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Merit Scholarship

This type of scholarship is awarded to students for their academic performance and achievements. Find Merit-Based Scholarships here


Country-Based Scholarship

This type of scholarship is mostly for international students in developing countries and international students from developed countries can also apply

Partially-Funded Scholarships

Offers options for international students from a small one-off payment which they can use to take care of tuition fees and most times offer enough to take care of other costs pertaining to school.

Privately Funded Scholarship

These types of scholarships are often granted by private businesses or donors, fully or partially funded to accommodate international students from developing countries. Apply Here

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Government-Funded Scholarship

Just like private scholarships, the government funds some scholarship programs to bring students to Canada. Government Scholarships around the world for International Students 

Other Financial Aid You Can Apply For

Apply For Student Grants

International student grants is also another option if you are looking for that light cash to pay for you tuition. You can find more information on how to get a grant here 

Get a Sponsor

Finding a sponsor is much easier than you imagined. You can find how to get a sponsor here. 

Apply For a Student Loan 


If getting a scholarships, grant, or finding a sponsor proves too much to handle, then you could consider applying for a student loan. There are lots of student loan option for you here

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Abdussamad yakubu
Abdussamad yakubu
2 years ago

Great opportunity and very impressive

2 years ago

Apple from Afghanistan to Canada Schlorshap

2 years ago

Thank you so much! If i get University scholarship it can be good and better for me. Thank you again have nice job.

Muhiyadin Mahamed Hassan
Muhiyadin Mahamed Hassan
2 years ago

I appreciate your scholarship

Abdiqani Mahad
Abdiqani Mahad
2 years ago

I’m student I need in to canada