Creative Ways to Get Financial Support to Sponsor Your Study Abroad

Creative Ways to Get Financial Support to Sponsor Your Study Abroad

One of the ways to provide financial support yourself and raise money for your study abroad is by asking for help. Never underestimate the power of asking people nicely to support your dream to study or pursue education.

When you ask for assistance from religious groups, charitable organization, your community, companies, and corporations, the mostly obliged to help, all you need to do is ask.

The manner of approach is key to getting any type of assistance from these sponsors. There are some characteristics and behavior you are expected to exhibit, and having academic excellent history and results will go a long way to show your seriousness.

Tips to Help You Get Financial Support from Community-based Affiliates

Creative Ways to Get Financial Support to Sponsor Your Study Abroad

  1. One thing a potential sponsor or donor will be looking out for is your passion and seriousness to pursue education. Nobody wants to waste money especially not on an unserious student. Sponsors want to support students that are eager and outgoing, and articulating your genuine interest in a Study Abroad program is critical to gaining support.
  2. Why do you want to study abroad, and not in your home country? Why do you want to study the program you have chosen? These are some of the questions you’d have to provide good answers to convince your sponsor. Try to provide answers that would connect to the sponsor on a personal level
  3. Academic excellence is also a key factor. The sponsor must believe that you are worth the headache and you will do well academically and otherwise.
  4. You must be clear about what you need, say the reason you need the support without begging. You can also add how you studying abroad might help your community or sponsor if it is necessary.
  5. If you apply these hints and tips then you are ready to hack the mind of any potential sponsor and convince them to support your dream.

Strategies that have Worked for Other Students

  1. Relinquish your holiday or birthday gifts, and instead request for loans or financial aid.
  2. Write to your relatives, business associates, or family members to support you.
  3. Organize an event where you and/or some friends donate instruction for a couple of hours (cooking, quilting, yoga, karate, computer skills, dancing, sign language, stained glass, woodworking, etc.).
  4. Get a Job and save some money from your salary.
  5. Ask your church or other religious group and leaders to hold special offerings or donations to help your cause.
  6. Organize a radio talk show and solicit contributions.
  7. Approach stores for donated supplies such as clothing, camping gear, etc.
  8. Find out if your parents’ employers have a scholarship program for their children or find out if your employer will make a cash advance to be paid back through payroll deduction. No harm in asking