Masters Scholarships

Masters Scholarships 2019 – 2020 for international students interested to get Masters degree through funding and scholarships.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (for international students)
The Ontario Scholarship program is a merit-based award offered to domestic of international outstanding students. A student from Canada or any country in the world who has shown great academic excellence and achievement is qualified for this award. This is a way of promoting...
Richard E. Morley
Studying abroad especially in developed countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. had seemed very difficult in the past due to financial barriers and lack of funds to support your dreams in the past. In our present-day and time...
McGill University Canada
McGill University established in the year 1821 and known for producing excelling graduates and prominent men in society. McGill is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities currently ranks 2nd in Canada and 37th in the world. It has produced 12 Nobel Laureates, 3 Canadian...
Best Fully-Funded Scholarships
When we talk about the best schools in Canada or even the best schools in the world for both undergraduate, master’s and high studies, the University of Toronto would be on the list. Initially referred to as King’s College in 1827 but changed its name to the...
Fully Funded Commonwealth Scholarship
Commonwealth scholarship for masters and Ph.D. students is one of the biggest scholarships in the world today. The commonwealth scholarship scheme offers financial aid to more than 800 international students from developing countries every year. The Commonwealth scholarship is a fully funded government program...
Well-Paying On-Campus Jobs

Top 10 On-Campus Jobs That Should Set You up

International students today struggle financially when they move abroad for studies. This may be caused by the changes in the environment and the foreign...