Best 6 Habits of Highly Employable People

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

One thing the job or labor market will teach you is that your certificate does not guarantee you a job position. Besides having a certificate does not mean you are among the highly employable. However, so many students and graduates are offered jobs even while school and others graduate and spend months or years searching for a job.

When job hunting, you must ensure that you have the necessary skill for the job. After all, What is a hunter without his gun? To be employable or hirable means you have all that an employer is looking for or at least a majority of what the employer is searching for.

So, what are employers looking for? And what habits should you have to be employable?

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

Constantly Seek Growth 

The first vision of any business, or company is to grow, make more profit, and reach new heights. When an employer is searching for new talents, they scout and employ people who will help the company grow, and achieve its goals.

So, an employable person should constantly seek growth. According to Samantha Kris, a success coach and best-selling author; “People who invest in personal development often turn to work as their outlet to implement positive change,”. So, highly employable people should always seek to develop their skills. People who are constantly developing themselves will definitely impact the same growth in a business or company.

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Smart And Proactive 

You must be smart and proactive when searching for a job. Job opportunities are not just handed to you when you don’t show any effort that you need them unless your uncle or father owns the company.

To land your dream job, you must actively involve yourself with job hunting activities; looking for new job posts, reaching out to people, and networking, or meeting people at parties or social gatherings, and meeting people.

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

Attention to Details, and a Listening Ear

Another habit of a highly employable person is paying attention to details. An employer is looking for people who are able to understand and take in information, and make reasonable use of them, or work according to the details provided.

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

Confidence and Self-Worth 

An employable quality and habit an employer value is self-worth, personal branding, and persuasion. An employee or job seeker who values their worth is confident and is not afraid to ask for what they want. You confidently state what you can offer to the company because you have the skill or experience that they need.

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

Feedback Aimed For Improvement 

When you apply for a job and you were unsuccessful, a regular person will let everything slide. But, when you don’t get a job you applied for, and you request feedback that points out your mistakes. Then you work on improving yourself and correcting your mistakes. This habit shows you are employable traits and it puts you in a good position for the next interview.

6 Habits of Highly Employable People

Optimism and Positivity Improves You 

For some people, it is difficult to be positive or optimistic especially when they are frustrated. Being optimistic and not dwelling on negatives show that you are more focused on the good things that are available which employers value a lot. You don’t ignore the negatives but don’t dwell on them, you can learn from them.