100 Easy Work From Home Jobs


Someone once asked me What would change your life and buy you freedom at the same time?”. When you think about this question so many things come to your mind because obviously everyone is not the same. What would make me truly happy and free may not be for you and that is ok?

Everyday 80% of the world population goes through the same cycle of life, go to school graduate get a job, and work your butts off. Sometimes the paycheck is not worth the stress, and may not even be enough to run a home and the debts start crippling.


So, for me, what will truly make me happy and free is getting extra/enough cash working from home, with little stress, go on vacations when I want, and live the lifestyle I truly want.

If you are reading this post, I know that nothing else will make you more excited than making more money with little stress. The idea for this post is to show you different legit ways to make money working from home.

Work From Home Jobs


You have to pick the idea and take action to start making money online. Whether you are looking for a side job to make extra money from your daily job, or you are looking for a job online, this post provides what you need. If you are a student, you could also check out ways to manage your funds while in school here.

Online Job Opportunities to Earn More Money

There are a lot of websites for online jobs, and the majority are online job recruitment companies that pay you for a job, and some pay you for selling your products or designs. You can also start your own business or create your job online and watch it grow, but the downside to this one is that it requires you to put in the time and effort.

1.      Name A Business or Company and Get Paid

Are you good with names and branding? Do you have that quick think IQ to enter a contest of names? Sign up with Squadhelp.com and get paid when you provide good names for a company, brand, products, company slogan, and even when you help out on logo designs you still get paid.


2.      Write Detailed Reviews and Descriptions of Places and Get Paid.

If you like traveling, visiting places, camping, going on picnics at fancy places or countries, there is a way to earn money off it. You can talk about the places you have been to, give an honest review about them, and get paid for it.

When you visit new restaurants in your area or the countries you visit, or you buy a new product. Writing a review about their services, about new software or the products can help you earn some money. Check out these websites to begin today, but while you are at it check out the website’s small print and the jobs available to ensure they are worth it. sites like Vindale.com, SoftwareJudge.com, FameBit.com, CrowdTap.com, Influence-Central.com, and ModernMom.com.

3.      Get Paid To Create an App

You see many businesses today are looking for that online presence. Whether is promoting their business on social media, creating a website, or creating an application or software to help retain customers and increase sales.


Just like a website, creating an app can earn you a lot of money from companies, businesses, or individuals. All you require is a good developer’s skill and programming language skills. You can look out for job opportunities on indeed.com. flexjobs.com and many more.

4.      Get Paid To Translate

If you can communicate in more than two languages fluently, you speak, write, or express yourself very well. Make money translating for so many companies, and translation firms out there. You could be translation video files, audio files, documents, and other stuff written in foreign languages into the required into the client’s or customer’s preferred language.

Sign up with one of the biggest online translation website REV  today to get started.  You could be earning $1,000 to $2,000 monthly.

5.      Provide Valid Opinions on Focus Groups

Your opinion does count when it comes to digital products. When you join a focus group online, you are expected to answer some questions about a particular product that would help them shape the products in the early stages. They probably won’t pay much but you could part-take in the production of the next big thing.

The information required is mainly about your location and current demographic. You can start up with the following websites Survey Junkie, User Interviews, and InboxDollars.

6.      Participate In Online Market Research

A lot of companies out their value the importance of proper market research. Especially when they are about to introduce a new product into the market or when they one to improve on the already existing ones.

So, doing an hour or two hours of market research for a company could turn out very rewarding for you. You can be a student and still do the job perfectly, and depending on what product will be hitting the market, you could earn over $200 a month.

You can get started here to participate

7.      Get Paid to Use Your Mobile Phone

People’s interest and demographic has become so important to advertisers of today. Advertisers want to know what you do on your phone, what you search for, what you buy, and which webpages you visit online to help them run a more precise ad that converts.

There are apps you download to your phone and they pay you to know all this information daily. Your privacy will be no more but if you wouldn’t mind then, by all means, sign up with Nielson Mobile Panel Account or Placed Panel or Screenwise

8.      Sell Products for Businesses and Get

New businesses and start-ups are always looking to make more sales and grow faster. Some are willing to pay commissions to people who help them make sales. So every product you sell, there is the amount you are given a commission.

So, if you have the sale vibe, and you can convince people to buy products, you can get some cash from that. You could also advertise on Facebook and other social media to get more sales. If you want to learn how to better sales and getting clients, you should consider getting this course. Sales Training and Prospecting on Udemy.


To find sales job and open sales opportunities you can head over to Angel

9.      Write News Online and Get Paid

Just like writing articles online for niche websites and companies, you can become a reporter and news writer online. High profile news websites are always looking for news especially local news around you. You can become a news writer and reporter and earn cool cash doing that. To give you a head-start you can sign up with TheExaminer.com to start writing. There are still other websites you can look out for if you search properly. You are paid depending on how many people read your news, the relevance, and the revenue it generates.

10.  Get Paid To Do Chores on TaskRabbit

Are you willing to do basic chores? If you can, then be sure that there is a place where you get paid to chores online called TaskRabbit.com. On this website, you are linked with numerous customers or clients who people to run chores for them. It could either be working people’s dogs and run errands.

When you complete your task, you get paid, and then a new one is assigned to you. You could earn about $1,000 a month doing tasks.


11.  Answer Professional Questions on JustAnswer

This type of work is for professionals with some years of experience in a particular field. Just like you know information has become a currency of its own. People are always seeking professional advice on health issues, legal issues, new tech, and the list go on.

If you are an in the medical, Engineering, Law, Banking, I.T., Science or An Entrepreneur, and so on, and you can spare some time every day to lend your professional advice or answer questions online then you should sign up with JustAnswer.com

12.  Help Find Bugs on Programs

This is a job for those that know their programming language quite well. Every year thousands if not millions of software are developed and introduced into the market. The owners of these apps mostly businesses and companies are in constant need of an experienced developer who can help debug software programs, and detect errors in the code if any. Google has their “Bug Hunter Hall Of Fame” where you can submit bugs and issues and get some reward.

13.  Purchase and Sell A Website For Profit.

Buying and selling websites may seem out of the box. I mean who would want to buy a website they don’t know, and more so from you? Buying a website is like buying a house in real estate,  you buy a house and do some renovation, and either get money off it through rent or sell it outright for better profit.

You buy a website you feel has the potentials to be big, that is spotting the diamond in the thorn. Make some tweaks on the website, and breathe life into it. It could turn out to be a cash cow for you. You should have a pretty good knowledge of how to handle a website. To buy and sell websites check out Flippa.com, and Flippingenterprises.com.

14. Help Organize Trips For People

If you like to travel and you know a lot of places, where to get the best dishes and accommodation or to book cheap flights and make affordable reserves. You should probably think about how to help people get to their destination, or organize trips.

There is also an option to start a travel agency but that would be for the future. You can start up small, at least from your friends, neighbors, or even business partners, and get paid for it.  You can as well start a travel blog to help people familiarize themselves with places they want to travel to. Learn more here

15.  Do Video Editing Online And Get Paid

If you have the skills to edit videos and make them professional, then there is a place where you can earn a lot of money to edit videos online for clients. If you know how to transform raw videos into professional, viral contentment videos, know that there are lots of people willing to pay you for your services.


You do not need too much to become a video editor. You only need a good knowledge of some video editing software’s like Viddyoze.com, FilmoraGo.com, Apple iMovie, Lumen5, Pinnacle Studio, etc. if you want to learn how to edit videos online check out this full guide articles you can also find video editing jobs at Mandy.com, Creative Cow Job Search, or ProductionHub.

16.  Become An Online Call Rep

If you can speak fluently and you have no problem taking calls from people 24/7. Then you can work for a company as a call rep from your home. There so many companies out there looking to assist their customers in any way possible, and the main way to do that is to have a good call rep to attend to every call.

If you qualify as a call rep for a company, the company sends you a phone and other tools you will need to do your job. You are given a phone, a laptop with software to help get calls installed in it, and all you need every day is to log in and take calls. You earn between $1,000 to $4,000 per month. Check how to find customer service jobs here.

17. Become a Customer Service Agent Online

Just like a call rep, your duty as a customer service representative is to answer questions from customers or help them solve their problems or concerns online, via email, chat, or more. This is in case taking phone calls as a call rep isn’t your thing.

Some companies work round the clock every day and in different countries and time zone. They need people from different regions or countries to help them give customers quality service. You can find customer service rep jobs on indeed.com

18.  Online Tutoring

Do you have any skill that is worth teaching online? You can become a teacher online, teach students some skills, and get paid for it. Sometimes the classroom does not matter where it hosted, so far as the information was received and understood. More people go online to learn from teachers without stepping into the four walls of a classroom.

With apps like Zoom, you can hold a class online for over 200 persons, and teach them from the comfort of your home. Check out this free guide course to learn how to become a tutor online, and how you make your money from it.

Visit Care.com to find teaching jobs online

19.  Become An Online Fitness Coach

Training others on how to be healthy and keep fit through can earn you a lot of money. The exercise you teach or the physical training should all have a purpose, and that is to keep your clients in good shape. You can become a personal coach online, make videos, and upload them on your channel on YouTube, build a reputation, and your client base.

You can also start a Fitness blog where you teach people about fitness, and if you have a good client base, you could sell fitness products to them via your website.

20.  Become A Yoga Instructor

This is quite similar to what a fitness coach does online. They teach clients the best yoga practices and positions that are the most effective. You can earn a good sum of money when you sell your services or your yoga videos online.

You can also start a Fitness blog where you teach people about fitness, and if you have a good client base, you could sell fitness products to them via your website.

21. Exercise and Get Paid

Doing exercises to stay fit and healthy is very good, but get paid to do normal routine exercises is fascinating. You get paid to complete physical exercises like walking, taking a health-related survey on AchieveMint.com

The website works with points, and you earn $10 for every 10,000 points. So, the more exercise you do, the more money you can make, so be sure to check out this app if you are an exercise junky.

22.  Do Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are services you render to clients who require your skill remotely. For instance; if you are a writer or content creator, and a client needed you to write some article so that you get paid, that is called freelance writing.  Your client will probably not know where you live, and all the transactions performed are done online.

There are lots of freelance job sites you can join today, and they help you reach your potential clients faster. So if you have a skill which necessarily doesn’t have to be coding or designing you start making money off it by working remotely.

To begin, you’d have to create your profile with Flexjobs.com, SolidGigs.com

23.  Online Survey Jobs

Some websites pay you to take part in an online survey for companies, and they pay you a good amount for lending your review. If you are searching for a side job to add to extra cash, this one will be helpful. It takes just a little amount of your time daily and it’s easy and quick to start.

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To start working as an Online Survey, you can sign up with Survey Junkie, MyPoints, or Swagbucks Survey and start making extra bucks for each survey and put cashback in your pocket. You can potentially earn between $50 to $100 every month working little time from your home or office.

24.  Test Websites for User Experience and Penetration and get Paid

You can be hired by UserTesting.com to test basic things on a companies website such as the login page, the signup page, user interface, and when you provide valid feedbacks you get paid. You make need some basic ideas of what a good website should have or be, by that I mean you should able to tell if a website has good navigations? Does the website load fast enough? are the designs good are the contents of good quality?

Few websites have jobs for website testers and the pay good sum too. When you sign up for websites like UserTesting.com, Userlytics.com, TryMyUI.com, Userfeel.com, or TestingTime.com, that provide these jobs, you are given a task. The task is simply to visit the website you are assigned to test, spot errors if any, do thorough testing, and then submit your feedback and get paid.

Depending on the number of time you spend on the job, you could potentially earn $30 every hour, and $400-$700 per month.

25.  Start Proofreading Online

When you review articles or final drafts of a written piece, you get paid for it on Contena.com awesomely. What you need to do is to review finished written pieces for consistency, grammar errors, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors, before posting or submission.

So, if you are oriented and grammatically organized, you can start proofreading articles today and start earning good money. You can sign up with contena.com or freelancewriting.com, and find lots of job opportunities. You can work from anywhere in the world and get paid. If you want to learn how to proofread, you can get this online “Proofread Anywhere” course highly recommended. You can potentially earn $2,000 every month proofreading.

26.  Start Transcription Work Online

Transcription for the benefit of those who do not know is the process of converting audio or video file or contents to written text. So any audio recording, music file or video file or clip can be converted to written text.

There are lots of lawyers, companies, researchers, doctors, researchers, and many more who require these services and they pay awesomely for them. If you are very patient, an attentive listener, and you can relisten to a recording several times and transform them into texts, then this job is for you.

You can earn over $15 to $25 every hour transcribing audio or video contents. You can get started on these websites here TranscribeAnywhere.com, TranscribeMe.com, Quicktate.com, Rev.com, Tigerfish.com, and Crowdsurf.com.

And if you desire to learn the skill that teaches you how to transcribe, you can start here Get course

27.  Get Data Entry Jobs Online

The work of a Data Entry professional is simple, but yet it is very demanding. A data entry professional transfers paper documents or information on paper into the computer. You require a good knowledge of some computer applications such as Microsoft Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word, and many others to do this job. With your good knowledge of computer and fast typing skills, you should be able to do any job as a data entry clerk.

A typical Data Entry job description will include the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing and sorting documents for data entry
  • Entering data into database software and checking to ensure the accuracy of the data that has been inputted
  • Resolving discrepancies in information and obtaining further information for incomplete documents
  • Creating data backups as part of a contingency plan
  • Responding to information requests from authorized members
  • Testing new database systems and software updates

With this job, you can over $700 per month if you are fast. The thousands of data entry jobs, but you can start searching from here. DION DATA SOLUTIONS, and Craigslist.com, Indeed.com, or UpWork.com.

28.  Start A YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel and become a vlogger. This is quite similar to blogging except for this time you will be posting video contents as opposed to articles. Just like blogging, you can vlog about anything, from product review, music videos, movie reviews, sports reviews travel, you are your limit on this.

You can monetize your channel/channels and get paid for a certain number of views, click and impressions you get on YouTube. Your starting earning can start from $300 a month and go as high as $1,000,000 a month if you know what you are doing.

You can start learning how to start a vlog here

29.  Write or Edit College Admission Essays For Students on EssayEdge

Writing that 500-word essay for college admission for a student is so important, and to write a compelling essay the would require professional or out-of-experience advice. So if you know the tricks or the necessary steps to write a good and compelling essay, then you could earn some money offering advice or editing essays for students.

Some parents pay awesomely if you can edit their child’s admission essays and few tweaks to it, to make it compelling. There some websites that provide lots of job opportunities, you can visit top editing websites such as Scribendi.com, TopAdmit.com, or EssayEdge.com

30.  Get Paid To Take Care of Pets On Care.com

Pets have become an integral part of many families in the world today. Over 60% of families or individuals in the world own a pet. If you like pets, you can earn a lot of money caring for other people’s pets while they are away. You could earn more than $2,000 monthly taking care of pets, and you don’t even have to look for clients.

There websites such as lover.com, and care.com that connect you with different pet owners, and you can work home.

31.  Do Product Testing For Companies

As a product tester, you can earn cool cash working from home, and only just testing new products online. When a company has a product they want you to test, they expect you to do a thorough analysis of the product and provide them with a detailed report of feedback.

Marketing firms and companies are often the ones who employ the services of a product tester especially when it’s a new product. They use the feedback to get more insight on where to improve or discard if possible.

Sometimes the majority of the items that are available for testing are beauty products especially soap, cream, etc. and household items such as a blender, juice maker, etc. so this may be more conducive to women than men. Check out this top website for product testing called Toluna.com, and Usertesting.com

32.  Become a Writer on Medium

Medium Partner Program allows you to earn more money when you publish good articles on the platform. Medium is one of the largest online communities, with millions of monthly readers coming to get good content.

When you join a medium partner program, you are paid when someone reads your article. The registration on a medium is free, but to start earning you must sign up for the partner’s program. To be part of the program you will be required to as little as $10, which nothing considering the amount of money you will make. Join medium partners program today and start earning money.

33.  Become A Graphic Designer

If you have good designing skills, and you know how to make good graphic designs, logos, or websites. You can earn a good amount of money online designing for companies, or individual clients. There is also a platform for you to join a design competition on 99Designs.com and see if you can create the best project.

You could also get jobs on flexjobs.com, or freelance.com, or indeed.com to get freelance designing jobs online. To add, you could create a YouTube channel teaching people how to make logos, and other designs, and make a lot of money.

34.  Offer Relationship Advice on Relationship Hero

You don’t need to be a relationship expert or have a degree to help people in a difficult relationship. If you have some experience maybe not on a personal level, probably you have people who talk to you about their relationship problems and you can talk them through it and offer valuable solutions. You can earn some money doing that on relationshiphero.com

35.  Sell Old Electronics, Smartphone, or Tech Products on Gazelle and Others.

Do you have a used tech, or phone that is still functional, and working perfectly, but you no longer need them? You can sell them on Gazelle.com, orchard.com, swappa.com, or buybackboss.com and get a good amount for them.

There are a thousand and one customers who cannot afford a new iPhone worth, or other electronic or smartphone gadgets. You could sell yours there or buy and resell them to friends for a fair profitable price.

36.  Write You Songs And Sell Them on SoundBetter or Musicbed

You may not have the voice to sing or you just have the talent to write great music, and you’d probably want to make money from it. Some websites pay you for your talent. You can write songs and sell them on websites like soundbetter.com, musicbed.com, musicvine.com, songfreedom.com, and many more.

As long as the song is good, you are going to find a buyer to patronize you. You can also gain fame there as a songwriter, producer, or session artist. Be sure to visit the website if music is your thing.

37.  Earn Money With Your Car on Turo

If you own a car that you’d like to invest in or rent out, you can earn money each day just like you register your car for companies like Uber. You can earn money from Turo.com when you rent out your car. And you are sure it’s safe because there is an insurance policy covering all cars rented on Turo.

38.  Rent Your Driveway on JustPark

Driveways and parking space can be a bit of a problem especially when you are living in the big cities. Some houses have very small parking spaces and driveways. If you have a large driveway you could rent it out to people to keep their cars, boat, RVs, and other properties.

To start renting your driveway or parking space, you should sign up with JustPark.com

39.  Sell or Rent Your Clothes on Tradesy

Selling or renting your clothes wouldn’t be a bad idea if it means getting you extra bucks. If you have so much cloth that you hardly remember to wear, you can sell or rent some of them online. There are platforms and websites where you could find people looking to rent or buy your old clothes.

You can visit websites like Tradesy.com, SnapGoods.com, Loanables.com, and RentNotBuy.com to start selling today.

40.  Make Money Selling Your Old Books on halfpricedbooks.com

If you are done using a book it wouldn’t be nice stacking them and letting take up some spaces. especially when you know you might never need them again or refer to them. Some keep their books for reference purposes, but I am not so convinced you will reference a book you probably used in your first year in college or high school.

You can sell your old books online at halfpricedbooks.com and clear up some space, you can also check how much each book costs on bookscouter.com.

41.  Create great pictures and sell them on iStockPhoto

Making great pictures has become a really big thing because you can sell your pictures and get paid. good pictures with high resolutions can earn you enough cash when you sell them on iStockPhoto.com

As a photographer with a good picture, you can become a contributor to sites like iStockPhoto.com and sell your pictures online. This opportunity allows you to get paid for doing the thing you love, that creating beautiful artworks.

If you are more of a digit image person, there also websites like depositphotos.com that pay you for your digital artwork.

42.  Create Wood Art Work and sell

Just like you can sell quality photos online, there are lots of websites you can also sell your wooden art. If you have the skill to create beautiful wooden art pieces, you can get paid when you sell them online. Here some examples of websites that offer you opportunities to sell your work:

You can sell everything from photography and fine art to vintage furniture and craft supplies.

43.  Write Your eBook and Sell Them

If you have a skill you want to teach people, or you know how to tell a good story, you put them in writing, convert to eBook and sell them online. You must have the necessary writing skills and a good knowledge of what you want to pass down in writing.

You can teach people skills, share a good experience for a business, and share other knowledge that may be helpful to people who read them. It’s easy to make money with your eBook these days  You’ll just need to employ an easy tool like Sellfy to quickly sell PDF files (like an eBook) to your readers.

You also sell your eBook on Amazon and get access to millions of customers. You can upload your eBook, set your price for it, and start making sales.

44.  You Can Sell Your Crafts and Art Work Online

If you have such talents to create beautiful artworks or crafts, some people are willing to buy them on the Etsy.com marketplace. Anyone who is creative and can sell beautiful art pieces can go on to Etsy to sell them and make good money. You can sell any art or crafts work on Etsy be it bracelets, rings, sculptures, furniture and so many more.

Etsy connects you with potential and willing customers, and it is a good place to make money doing what you love. You can also get a store on Shopify, to build an e-commerce website to sell your products, but I advise you do that after you have gotten enough audience on Etsy.

45.  Create a Blog

Blogging just like Vlogging is one of the best work from home jobs. As a blogger, you get paid for writing and posting relevant articles on your blog. There are so many things you can blog and write about. It could be about food, how to make money, health, sports, or other interesting and valuable content people search for daily.

It doesn’t cost much to start a blog with as little as $50 per year, you can own your blog and make millions of dollars from your home. The steps involved are pretty basic.

How to Start Your Blog

Pick a topic that interests you most, and sometimes it is called a niche.

Host and publish your blog, after you have picked a suitable name (Domain Name) for your blog, then chose a hosting company to register your blog. I use namecheap.com, but there are tons of other hosting companies out there. You will also need a platform to build your blog, I use wordpress.com, but there are others like wix.com, blogger, Tumblr, etc.

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Design your blog post to look appealing to users. It quite easy if you use any of the above-mentioned platforms or CMS. WordPress is pretty basic because there are a lot of pre-designed templates you can use. Some people can do designing work for you in a matter of hours on Fiverr.com

When your website is ready and launched, you then begin posting quality content relating to the niche or topic you chose. You then need to select a company to monetize your blog with. The most popular is Google Adsense.

The last step is to generate traffic to your website to start earning money. If you use Google AdSense, Google pays you some amount of money for each visitor clicks on the ads on your website. There few ways you could generate traffic to your website; it could be a normal organic search for google or paid advertising on social media or Google AdWords.

See the full free course on how to set up a blog from start to finish.

46.  Create and Submit Video Reviews Online

You can make so much money online creating products review, or place review videos, and posting it on YouTube. Not only will YouTube pay you when you get the views, but you also earn money from advertisers or companies that would need your expertise on products.

You can create a YouTube channel today post your review videos, build your brand, and start earning money when you monetize your channel.  You can read up this article on the best ways to start a channel and create videos

47.  Build an Instagram Page and Become an Influencer

There are so many things that pay people online and social media is one of them. Who would have ever thought that having so many followers on Instagram could become profitable? Advertisers, companies, brands, small and large business, and almost everyone who wants to drive traffic or generate more services, employ the services of an Instagram influencer.

Instagram influencers are paid huge figures to advertise or showcase products on their pages. You can become an influencer doing almost anything such as comedy, doing a product review, travel, news, looking beautiful, dancing and the list goes on. If you know how to grow an Instagram page, and you regularly post quality content with good cameras, you could become an influencer in no time.

You can read up in detail how to grow your Instagram page here: How to Build Massive Following on Instagram. Or How to Build a Massive Instagram Following without buying followers

48.  Start Social Media or Digital Advertising for Clients Online.

Online marketing is currently the new face of advertising. Companies and businesses are no longer using the old system of advertising to reach their customers, and this is where you come in. if you have good knowledge of advertising on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Linkedln, etc. you can get paid to help businesses advertise and drive more sales, or companies get more customers.

Learning how to sell products online, or drive customers and audience online is one of the hottest jobs around, and it is probably one of the easiest to learn. You can help a business to grow its customers and drive more sales remotely, and earn big money.

You can learn how to develop an online marketing business and get paid for it with this Facebook Marketing Course.

49.  Start a Drop-shipping Business Online

The job of a drop-shipper is to showcase manufactured goods to a potential buyer. You do not necessarily have the product at hand, you just act as a middle man between a customer and the manufacturer. When a customer buys a product from a manufacturer through your dropshipping website, you get a certain amount of money ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 per month.

The money you make depends on the products you decide to put on your dropshipping website, and the number of sales you make in a month. When a customer buys a product and the manufacturer receives payment you make your profit. Your profit is determined by the difference between the manufacturing or wholesale price and the selling price.

It is very easy to start a dropshipping business today. You can start yours today by creating a website or store with Shopify. It is quite simple because they already made templates you can use for free but some are paid. they also help you collect payments when a sale is completed or when a customer buys a product using through the website.

You can start right away here 

50.  Build and Grow a Business

If your passion is to start a business and earn whopping sums of money from online then you this. No matter what type of business you want to start, or service you want to render to people online, you will succeed but it is not going to come easy. You will need to put enough time, financial resources, and dedication to enable your business to grow.

Your first purpose when starting a business is to create services or products that satisfy customers’ immediate needs. When you understand what consumers needs, and your start-up environment, you will be able to effectively create products and services matching those needs. By doing this you are providing a lasting solution that will drive good sales and generate profit.

The next step to becoming a successful businessman or woman is to understand your market environment and who your competitors are, their strategy to bring their goods to their audience.

Develop your strategy or use an already existing one, plan how to raise funding, market your product, hire, and manage the best talent. See this free course to learn how to start-up business from start to finish

51.  Buy and Sell Website Domain Names

Domain names are used to identify a website. They are the official address with which users can access the website. Buying a domain name cost at least $1 and they can go as high as $500 depending on the domain suffix like; .com, .net, .xyz, etc.

Here is the trick to making money with this business. You buy a relevant and important domain for as little as $1, and then hold on to them until someone needs them, then you can sell them at your price.

The domain has to be useful now or in the future to enable you to sell for more profit. Take for instance; you bought a domain name trump.com, and trump.gov, and trump.net $5 each, so that when trump wants to set up his website and needs that name ‘trump’ as his website domain name, you can sell it to him with interest. To buy cheap domain names visit; Namecheap.com, hostgator.com

52.  Email Marketing with a Niche

If social media marketing is the heart of digital marking, then email marketing is the blood. With a good email list of active subscribers, you can drive a huge amount of sales for companies and businesses. And the best part is that you don’t just get such sales once, because you will always drive huge sales or traffic if you have new products or content you want to promote.

As an email marketer, you could help a company grow and email list of active, faithful customers. So that the business or company will make good sales whenever they market there new or existing products. You could also grow your list to help website drive traffic and make sales too and get paid awesomely for that. Check out how to become an email marketer here 

53.  Start a Podcast

A podcast is a downloadable audio file that is made available on the internet. A podcast is similar to the regular audio music that is found on the net. The difference is that you will be talking or sharing stories instead of singing, just like they do on the radio.

If you have nice stories to share, news, discoveries, advice, and the list goes on, you can record them and upload them on a podcast app. And just like YouTube, you are paid for the number of listeners you get for each audio file. You can build your subscriber list and start earning big.

Think of podcast channel or recording as your radio talk show, and this type you get paid when you monetize your channel and get a certain number of listeners. You also attract advertisers when you build your audience list, and you charge them per advert.

John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs seven days a week for his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire and now makes more than $200,000 a month from it. A podcast is easy to start for now just like YouTube channel. But then you need good, and quality content that can engage your audience and get them to listen to you every time you post fresh content.

To start a Podcast, you need a Microphone, and good recording software to record your voice. The next step to reach out to people to create your audience, you could utilize the social media to build your audience list, you can also head to Medium or Amazon to find authors or experts on topics specific to your niche. learn how to start a podcast here. There are several ways to start earning money with your podcast recordings.

You can monetize you through the following ways:
  • Selling ads on your show
  • Selling your products, or people’s product on your show (Sponsors)
  • Donation and Crowdfunding
  • Hosting live shows
  • Selling “subscriber-only” content
  • You can also combine all of these methods to generate more revenue for yourself.

54.  Create Facebook or Instagram Pages and Sell them

To create and grow a Facebook page, or an Instagram page can take a bit of work. But when you successfully grow one, you can sell them and make good cash. Getting followers and engagements on your page determines how much the page will be valued. The high the followers, shares, likes, and engagements, the more money you can make.

55.  Do A Voice Over Artist Job

You have probably watched a good number of cartoons or listened to a lot of podcasts or radio and you are wishing to start your own. Well, a voice-over artist job allows you to do all of these. There are so many companies out there looking for people who can do voice over for radio, animation series, corporate videos, educational videos, and more.

Go to Fiverr.com, or UpWork.com to find job opportunities, or join websites that specialize in making money online doing voice overs like Voices.com, and The Voice Realm

56.  Lend People Money and Make Money

Have you ever wondered how banks and other financial firms make their money by lending to people? Yeah, you guessed right. When you lend money to peer groups they pay back with interest, and then you make your profit. The problem is how do you ensure they pay you back? You need to make everything formal and documented. For each loan be sure to get duly send papers of agreement, an be sure to remind your borrower that you will not hesitate to report to the appropriate authorities if they default.

57.  Buy Stocks or Invest in The Stock Market

You know that the best way to grow your bank account is not by saving, it is by investing. The right investment in the stock market helps you grow your income and keeps you from spending money you already earned. For instance, when you work and you earn $1000 every month, and you decide to save $500 in the bank. After a year assuming the only money you saved was $500, that money will not grow more than that $500. But when you have a $500 investment that will automatically grow to become $5,000 or more after a year, then you have successfully increased your income.

Check out our list of the best places to invest. Or visit eToro.com

  1. Start Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is quite similar to stock market investment only that this time you are investing in physical properties. The physical properties are either lands, houses, machines, and the list goes on. You can invest in real estate from your home through crowdfunded real estate platforms with as little as $500.

Find out the different ways you can invest in real estate through RealityMogul and fundraise.

59.  Earn Money Watching Videos Online

One of the easiest ways to make passive income online. Simply watch a video online probably an ads video for a company and earn points that can be redeemed as cash. The points you earn will depend on the number of videos you watch. You can look up swagbucks.com to start today.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Are you good at doing stuff online or you have business knowledge or skill to help online business owners perform online tasks like graphic designing, helping blog owners edit their blogs, or help with responding to emails or comments? You can earn a lot of money by helping online business owners perform tasks online. If you are still not sure the type of task you can perform for businesses, you can check out this article and find out over 100 tasks you can do for businesses online. If you want to learn how to become a virtual assistant from start to finish check out this article

  1. Apply for a Small Personal Loan

This might not look like a very peculiar way to make money online, but it does a lot to help especially when you are in a corner. When you get the right loan with a very reliable loan firm with low-interest rates, it can become a very easy way to earn money. You could use your loan to pay off debts or other high-interest loan debts and then have a more favorable loan interest, and a flexible repayment plan. Find more about loans here.

  1. Sell Your Designed T-Shirts on Teespring

If you know how to come up with really cool designs for cloths and T-shirts, you could sell your designs to clients who are in the clothing business and make cool cash. You can design jerseys and other cool stuff, advertise them on Facebook, and find interested clients. One website to help you out with T-shirt designs is Teespring.com you should check it out.

  1. Use Swagbucks for Online Search and earn money

Before now, you probably never thought you could earn some money doing the normal research you do online. Websites like swagbucks.com can help you earn passive income just using their search tools. It is not all rosy or easy task, but you sure make few bucks with little effort every month.

  1. Manage Social Media for Businesses

Just like managing an artist’s Facebook page, or your personal Facebook page, you can earn good sum managing a business page for companies, firms, and even celebrities if you know what you are doing. What you do is post the business-related content on the page, make their social media pages interactive which should help the business account grow and drive more sales or customers. You can start by learning how to manage a Facebook business page here.

  1. Rent out your belongings through Fat Llama

Renting out your belongings can turn out to be more rewarding than you think. And it is not just like renting out your room space, or house just like in Airbnb. You can rent out items from the smallest like camera, bicycle, bikes, to big items like cars, etc. and you get awesomely for it. You can sign up with websites like in that way your item is insured and safe even when you rent them. Not only are you getting paid for renting out your items, but you are also giving a $20 sign up bonus and a $10 referral bonus when your referral rents out their item too.

  1. Become an Amazon Flex Employee

If you want to giggle around a bit and make extra bucks for yourself in your spare time using your smart-phone and car to good use, you can sign up with Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is part of a rideshare program that allows you to transport people and clients from one place to another. It also allows you to work as a delivery driver. Helping customers receive their goods when then buy from amazon. So, when you sign up with amazon flex, and you have your car and a smart-phone, amazon will contact you when they need you to deliver goods to customers within your city and you get paid. Find out more about Amazon flex here and find out how you get paid here as an Amazon Flex employee

  1. Become a Small Business Consultant

The majority of small business owners want to expand. And to do that, they need clients or customers, and they need to make more sales. If you know a thing a two about Facebook advertising, setting up Facebook campaigns, and creating leads, etc. then you should give this a trial.

See also  Top Reasons You Should Not Combine Work With Studying

You can approach a small business owner and offer to help them grow their business using your online advertising expertise. You can start for free in the first few weeks just show what you can bring to the table. And from then on, you are making big bucks and charging your preferred amount. And guess what you will be working from your home. Find out the basic steps of becoming a small business consultant.

  1. Become A Copywriter

Copywriting jobs have become one of the hottest jobs in this era. It’s the ability to persuade or cause people to act on a particular thing, maybe buy a product, using nothing but your written words and few tweaks. It’s not just simply writing, it’s making constructive and articulated statements that can charm hearts and attract people.

The copywriting skill takes time to master and you need to put a lot of work, but in the end, you earn big. Find out more about becoming a copywriter here

If you are already a copywriter, you can find your clients using the following steps

  1. Sell on your education

Teaching has become easier than ever. If you know how to pass down information and teach students, you can become a tutor and get paid. The fun part is that you don’t need to see your students one-on-one because there is a better way for it. Before now, you’d normally have to meet with your students in a usual classroom or similar settings. But now, the internet and online tutoring mean you can now teach and hold sessions with your students online.

Aside from that, you can get jobs as a teacher online, or create your online courses and sell them online. You just have to be sure of what you are doing and be good at it. Websites like Udemy allows anyone to create an online course (on anything!) and get paid forever after as users take it up.

And if you’d also like online one-on-one tutoring with your students, you can list yourself on popular websites like Superprof and UK Tutors.

  1. Rent out your house for filming

You probably know that the houses and settings used for filming are not built for the sake of that movie. People rent out their apartments and spaces for filming and the get paid a lot of money. Depending on the type of movie or the type of house that is needed for the movie, your house can be selected for filming. You can list your house on the following website for rent and start earning.

  1. Sell your stories and videos

Do you have a good story? Sell it on webuystories http://www.webuystories.com/ if you have an interesting story and you know how to tell them, you can a passive income working from home. You can tell a story about anything, it just has to be sellable. You can also make short films and sell them online.

72.  Help investors Find Properties.

Maybe you can look at this as a real estate job and you won’t be far from the truth. However, when you help investors look for properties with the best deals and prize and you can earn a good amount of cash. Your job is to help these investors avoid the exaggerated amounts for properties by real estate agents, helping them get properties below market value. You can also approach investors with a no-brainer offer to pass on the details of cut-price property in exchange for a % of the sale value. You can start by learning how to look  for cheap properties here 

73.  Get Paid For Surfing The Web

Earn a good amount of money for searching the web. Just search for the normal things you do online, only that this time you will have an add-on installed to your browser that shows some sponsored results alongside your search results.

This is an idea from Qmee.com that rewards you for each search you perform. There is no minimum withdrawal with Qmee and you could cash out at your convenience. You can start right away and sign up for free and start earning you can start here.

74.  Claim tax back

So many students who work every summer, holidays, or do other part-time jobs reach the personal tax-free income allowance each year. But the employers still make money from your salary for tax with shouldn’t be. So to get more from your employer for your salary, learn how to calculate how much tax back you might be due, see our guide on student tax refunds.

75.  Get Extra Cash When You Shop

There are a good number of websites that give you cash back for each purchase you make. It may not seem enough but as a student, it could help you save some cash.

This is more of a saving money plan. As a student, you save some money when you shop you are making money with every purchase you would have made anyway, whether it be 10% or 0.5% cashback.

76.  Get Paid To Review Music Online

If you have an eye for music then you should try out websites like Slicethepie, they let you review unsigned bands and artists online and you get paid for it. However, in this type of business, reputation plays a very vital role and you don’t have to be a musician to have a reputation, but it is something you need to build, maybe as a producer of something relating to music. You can head over the website to begin Slicethepie

  1. Go Shopping For Others and Get Paid

Shopping for some people is more of a hobby than a task. If you enjoy shopping and buying stuff, plus you can identify quality products for the right price. You could help wealthy busy people shop for groceries and other household use products.

With Instacart you will work as an independent contractor delivering groceries for other people. With this, you could make over $25 per hour or more. You can register with Instacart today and start shopping.

  1. Advertise With Your Car For Some Bucks

Do you have a Car? There are so many ways you can earn money with your car if you know what to do with it. We have discussed initially how you can rent your car for some cash, and how you can use your car for delivery or to drive people to their destination and get paid awesomely.

We will now talk about how you can place adverts on your car and get paid for it. This method of making money is for those who do not want to give out their car. With Wrapify.com, you can earn over $500 a month by placing ads on your car.

To be eligible to take part in a campaign you need to:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Have a clean driving (and criminal) record
  • Have a car that is from 2008 or newer
  1. Get Paid To Stay Online

A lot of apps, websites, and companies work with data and statistics. Some get theirs through your everyday browsing and surfing the internet. Installing apps like Nielsen and Upvoice helps you make $75 to $200 a year just doing the normal things you do online with their apps installed on your smartphone. They collect data on the websites you visit and how long you stayed on the website.

  1. Play Games Online and Earn Money

Why would you want to spend your time on stuff that doesn’t fetch you money? At least that is what my parents used to ask me when I play games with no job. Right now things have changed, you now play games online and you get paid instantly. Some game apps pay you for participating and others pay you when you win, while others pay on both occasions.

It’s simple especially with apps like Mistplay, Carry1st, Bettingbingo, etc. these are just some examples of Android apps and websites where you get paid to play games online. You could over $400 to $3,000 in a month if you know your game.

  1. Teach English online and For Wonderkidsenglish

If you are good with English Language and you know both the written and spoken word very well. You could sell your services online and help foreigners learn the English language online. Wonderkids app employs the services of English instructors to help teach the English language.

As an English tutor, you could be earning around $20 – $25 hourly. And your work is simply to help provide quality education for both students and foreigners. You should sign up immediately

  1. Create an online course

Are you a teacher? Or you are good at what you do maybe your profession and feel you can and want to teach others. You can sell your course online and make a lot of bucks with it. People pay good money to learn new things online most especially things that make them money or help them improve their career.

So, if you have the skill there is someone who needs to learn it. You could create your course online and sell your sell them on Amazon or Udemy.com.

  1. Prepare Meals For Clients Online And Deliver To Their Fridge

If you enjoy cooking and you feel you are good enough to prepare meals for others, their people will pay you for your services. This is not a normal restaurant and stuff. You prepare a meal based on the client’s specifications and the delivery to them at their doorstep.

To start the business you need to have the cost of each meal you can prepare. Have them on a list so that when a client demands your service, you could present your premade list and prize for each meal. You can get started here

84.  Become A Virtual Juror for Attorneys

Maybe you love things about law and you would like to participate. You could get a chance online, when you help attorneys online act as a Juror for a practice trial(s) and you can get paid for your services.

The pay is not much but the fun you get and the experience are worth it. You could earn over $50 every month acting as a jury online. You can sign up with eJury.com today

85.  Create And Sell Stationary

Stationaries like Invitation cards, printable craftworks and more can help you make good sums of money from home. It is a bit demanding, requiring you to step out and get some items for your work, but it is a good way to make money from home doing what you love. If you can print and assemble stationery like invitations, and love crafting and decorating, you could earn over $1,000 monthly.

You can sign up with Etsy today to get started.

86.  Sign Up For Free Giftcards and Sell Them Online

Joining Pond5 allows you to sell your tracks online and tap into one of the best artist-friendly marketplaces online. Thousands of buyers from all over the world come there to buy a video, music tracks, AE templates, sound effects, images, and more. If your song or other media works are really good, you could be able to make one sale for every 20 views. You can head on to Pond5 and check it out

87.  Work For AccountingDepartment.com

Accounting Department is an online virtual accounting and bookkeeping website that offer all of their services online. If you have some experience as a bookkeeper, accountant, or a CPA, then you could have a shot at getting an online job for you. You can head over to their website and find available jobs online and earn good bucks too, just working from home. Get Started

88.  Work as A Specialist Editor With Cactus Global

This is an app and website that hires top editors in different fields and with different academic qualifications and experiences. These editors help clients to ensure that every finish documents meet expected standards and are grammatically correct and typo error-free.

Editors with Cactus Global have a flexible work schedule and the potential to earn $1200-$3000 USD per month (based on regular availability). You can start here today

89.  Make Money Online At OneSpace

Find different tasks on Onespace from writing assignments, writing projects, carrying out surveys, and other online tasks you can think that could potentially earn you some money. With time you could potentially get assigned to a project for some big-name clients like Wal-Mart, Staples, and eBay, which could be a great portfolio-builder for finding future jobs.

The sign up is free you can start today. Visit OneSpace today

90.  Sell Music Tracks And Sound Effects on Pond5

Joining Pond5 allows you to sell your tracks online and tap into one of the best artist-friendly marketplaces online. Thousands of buyers from all over the world come there to buy a video, music tracks, AE templates, sound effects, images, and more. If your song or other media works are really good, you could be able to make one sale for every 20 views. You can head on to Pond5 and check it out

91.  Become A Search Engine Evaluator With Leapforce

92.  Review & Edit Images For Shutterstock

93.  Sell College or University Course Notes On Notesale

94.  Write A 10-Item List For ListVerse

95.  Submit Something Creative To Cracked

96.  Apply For Developer Jobs On Stack Overflow

97.  Write An Article For EditFast

98.  Apply To Be A Sales Agent With VOIQ





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[…] pursuit while your visa application is being processed. If you want to work from home, you can also find easy work from home jobs here to help you earn more […]


[…] while your visa application is being processed. If you want to work from home, you can also find easy work from home jobs here to help you earn more […]


[…] of the reasons why people come to Canada is to find the best jobs in the world. Canada has opened its door to all immigrants who qualify to immigrate, you have an opportunity to […]


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[…] One interesting part about a Canadian sponsorship visa is that anyone can be sponsored as long as you get a job and you meet the requirements. Employers in Canada are allowed to also sponsor a non-Canadian or an immigrant to Canada provided that there are no other Canadian or permanent residents available for the job or meet the skillset required for the job, and you meet the requirements to migrate and work in Canada. […]